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Hello frens,

Time to post our report from February, with intense activity as always.

As you already know, we’ve been already under V.3 Governance for a bit, and February 2024 has been a good month when it comes to governance activity.

Please remember that if by any chance you still want to check any of the previous AIP from 2023 and before Gov V.3 you need to go Governance V.2 .

Here you’ll find February 2024 Report

Let’s dive in!

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We had a bit of a decrease in Temp Checks and of course Temp Check Snapshots as a result of focusing on moving forward with existing proposals, but on the other hand the number of ARFC and ARFC Snapshots increased, with an important number of AIP that were published.

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A summary of the most relevant proposals to point out are:

You can of course get into much more detail in February 2024 Report

That’s all for now, thank you for delegating into Aave Chan Initiative (ACI) and stay tuned for more updates!