Aave Discord server (censorship?)

Good morning, this morning I wanted to follow up with the discussion on Discord however I have noticed that Aaave is not on the list of my servers any more. I’m guessing accidental removal, who can I liaise with to get this resolved? Thanks

I know what happened now. I have posted this opinion on AAVE Discord:

Quote (user Nicholas…):

"The problem with Aave lies with Aave. They are the responsible party for relying on a faulty price oracle and not responding to the bridge hack fast enough. It took them weeks to decide to stop borrowing and then reduce interest rate. Now they are trying to wash their hands of the problem by blaming harmony for allowing the bridge to be hacked.

If you are expecting harmony to respond to this you then you are expecting harmony to fix somone else’s problem."

Above refers to AAVE freezing user’s assets in the protocol.

This looks like a punishment for sharing publicly available information. I’m expecting to be also banned from here now, my posts deleted or censored.