[ARC] Resolve problem of frozen Harmony markets

Dear community,

Here is my proposal that aims to help victims of the Harmony bridge exploit and hopefully resolves the problem of the Harmony frozen market on AAVE:


  1. Create detailed snapshot of the current state (current value $2.3m)
  2. Perform liquidations of all debts vs collateral as it is.
  3. Show resulting balance (deficit) to Harmony ONE leaders and appeal for them to cover half of it with their funds.
  4. Compensate the difference from AAVE own funds (fees revenue).
  5. Open withdrawals for X time.
  6. After X time announce retirement of AAVE protocol on Harmony chain (optional).

Please comment with any suggestions to improve the process above. I hope this will lead to the vote and positive ending.


there is a template you should use, i linked it for you several times.
This way people will get a way better understanding of what has happenend and what you need and how we can help.

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