Questions about Harmony AAVE

Approx $1.2M USD worth of One was borrowed on Harmony AAVE with depreciated assets following the Hack.

As those assets grow closer to repeg (Because of the Harmony Recovery depreciated asset buyback program),

And as those assets in this current market are growing in value faster or potentially slower than the rate of the borrowed/lent One.

My question is, at what point can the depreciated, collateral assets be liquidated to create 1:1 value to provide exit liquidty for the lent $1.2M USD worth of One?

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I would do some more of the math myself, but the dashboard and markets pages no longer display details for Harmony AAVE.

I know that market price will have little effect on any One borrowed with 1USDT/C but other depreciated assets such as 1BTC and 1ETH, etc, will have a greater effect.

I would have just PMd someone asking for the dashboard/markets details but im not sure whom would be my best point of contact.

Also I’m assuming there still is a working method for liquidating those collateral assets?

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Why is the aave harmony dashboard not showing anything anymore?

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It is because there is nothing to show. Think about it as erased from the real world and erase it from your memory.

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Not exactly sure why, no announcement was made, hoping its just the “front end” (GUI), and all the mechanical parts are still functioning.

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Ok Tobes. Good luck to you! xxx


My suspicion was confirmed, the problem has to do with oracle data feeds and not with the protocol itself.

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So sad, i have some on AAVE, but Harmony Team or AAVE Team not have resolve. How can u raise to all ?

Yes it seems so since link decomissioned harmony. @bgdlabs what can be done to fix the aave application on harmony then? Thank you

Aave - Open Source Liquidity Protocol (neither run nor developed by bgdlabs btw) has been patched a while ago - at least for me it seems to load on harmony. You need to uncollapse frozen assets as all assets on harmony are frozen.

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