Aave introduction video

Hello to everyone in the community!
We are making educational content for Aave: Basically turning Aave’s Docs into interesting and attractive videos ;)
Here I share the first video, an introduction to the Aave protocol!

Let me know what you think about it, all constructive comments are welcome.


Cool video, kudos for doing good educational work!

If you ever decide to cover different Aave management apps (alternative frontends), please feel free to contact me about DeFi Saver stuff, for example. Not saying it’s the first thing people should be educated on, but it’s imho fairly important to understand the difference between Aave the protocol and Aave the frontend app and also pretty cool to learn that there are already multiple different apps for a number of these defi protocols, including Aave.


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Hey @nikola_j

Agree that it is an important distinction to make.

Thanks for the comment:)

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