AAVE social media discussion

Long time AAVE holder, interested in participating in their social media design/discussion.

Here’s my 2 cents. (used to be worth .06)

Goal: Creating comingled intimate communities around debate where users are pushed together to discuss and debate their beliefs in weird communities where they agree more than they don’t. Users self-sort themselves through question answering.
People love quizzes (Buzzfeed, Facebook) and the information they generate are profitable for advertisers. People love debate and want to have discussions.
App walk through:
User signs in
A new user will answer questions (as many or as few as they want)
All questions have discrete answers.
Questions can be sorted into categories
Eg: Basic, Sports, Politics, Art, Music, Television, Books
Stepping inside those categories can kick off a stream of questions
Eg: Basic – Age bracket, year of birth, sex orientation, state you live in, favorite color etc
You can step out and step into another category and questions can lead to more detail
Eg Sports – Favorite Sport? (Answer NFL) – Favorite NFL team (Giants) – Favorite Giants Player (Phil Simms) – Favorite Giants Superbowl

Once a user has answered a critical number of questions the message board option opens up.
The message boards aren’t fully open to anyone, they are only open to a select slice of people so that they remain purposely small and balanced around disagreement question. They also don’t last. The group chat is open for as long as a critical debate is being had. This can be measured through engagement or people changing their minds.
Eg: A group of 20 users who are male, under 30, live in NJ, Giants fans, 50% believe Saquon is a good draft pick 50% don’t.
Groups chats set up – The app will set up the chat group for small groups , but if not enough people participate they disappear. The example above might have a lively debate for a while, but if/when it dies down the whole chat disappears permanently deleted.
Eg: A group of 50 users who are female, 30-45, are married, have kids, 50% are pro-choice 50% are pro-life.
These groups can be plain vanilla as a sports debate or something timelier like above.
Users can post their own questions = takes “karma”… rewards with karma those questions that are answered often. Add answers. Try and force their own debates by creating small communities.
Spin-off: A game show that uses these answers to better display beliefs inside a community and can also drive people back to using the app.
Eg: Family Feud could have a very political bend
We asked men under 45 what % of the US budget should be spent on the military.
We asked women over 50 if they supported Roe v Wade. What % supports it?

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We are now in a bear market. Who wants to build something that is a different take on social media? We are also building a pretty good platform for advertisers. We’d have the opportunity of doing it right: protecting identity, allowing users to own their advertisers. This is about building small discrete communities that snowball ideas and projects I’d hope. I’d like to be part of this and I’d put up my stake in AAVE to do it. (Ha, it’s not worth much anymore anyways)

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