PSA: active moderation of governance threads

A growing phenomenon of this governance forum is that each asset listing or Network candidature is the victim of “spam” of community supporters.

While we understand the enthusiasm, the governance forum is not designed to highlight noise but constructive discussion about threads.

Aave is a decentralized protocol, Admins of this forum while allowed to have their own opinion have to make sure every opinion related to governance has an equal platform.

That being said “This is great” “YEAH I WANT AAVE ON [X]” one-line message from new users is not providing value to the discussions here.

From now on I’ll remove this kind of low-value replies to keep only constructed replies in threads.

If the community feels that this moderation policy is not the best fit for the governance forum, feel free to express your opinion in this thread and consensus will define moderation policy.


Hey @MarcZeller - I agree with this call out below:

While an influx of new users shows the passion and strength of a community, it rarely adds meaningful feedback or constructive discussions around the proposals.

I would welcome this type of moderation however believe besides these instances should aim to keep the forum as open / as accessible as possible.