AAVE West & Central Africa expansion

Our project aims to infiltrate and assimilate the French Speaking African Niche into blockchain and crypto currencies using language, content, education, media and infrastructure. We are sure to reach our goal by translating AAVE’s interfaces, developing French content, organizing educational events, doing media interventions, and building a research centre.


We are a Team of 5 disruptive professionals who have decided to put our combined 15 years experience in media/Mass communication, technology, business development Under one umbrella branded Lions Counsel companies grouped under the Lions Counsel.

Nzonda Fotsing of is a seasoned and accomplished blockchain programmer and coder. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nzondafotsing/

Fai Derrick is a versatile and skilled audiovisual and content creation expert, photographer and builder. https://www.linkedin.com/in/fai-s-derick-874a01111/

Kingsley Tabifor is a professional Media, Marketing and Communications expert. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tabiforking1/

Janyuy Joybert is a trained speaker, trainer and business developer in diverse domains of education and business. https://www.linkedin.com/in/javnyuyjoybert/

Cho Rimsky is a blockchain & fintech expert ,passionate and dedicated in using technology to improve financial products & services,

We united our strengths and resources to create this multi faceted project because we believe in team work and the power of united resources. (Please put in your social media or website links please.



Our vision is to see Africa maximize the opportunities of the blockchain to fulfill talents and projects that are beneficial to their communities and support to the world at large.


Our mission is:

  • To Bridge the local language gap in African countries for them to comprehend and maximize the blockchain

  • Create a research centre for the assimilation and Exploitation of blockchain in Africa

  • Develop training, education and exchange programs to educate, train and raise African blockchain developers and users

  • Create competitions, expositions and networking programs and systems that keeps blockchain on a constant buzz in the news, on the media and word of mouth. To also encourage competitiveness and productivity in blockchain developers

  • Create digital platforms and interfaces that permits blockchain users to have access to information, tools and resources to create the next big thing.

  • Build a resource centre in remote localities in Africa to contribute in the penetration of the internet and digital systems and as well give rare opportunities to locked up Africans to discover the internet and blockchain.

Our mandate

Become Africa’s blockchain authority in francophone Africa then in Anglophone Africa. Position AAVE as Africa’s champion in blockchain and DeFi platforms

Our structure

  • The Lions counsel as a group has a unilateral management structure.

  • Board of directors (constituted of the four company heads)

  • The Media, Events and marketing block (Digital Guerilla Arsenals)

  • The multimedia and digital development block

  • The Training and Educational development block

  • The lobbying and public action block

Our target and institutions to be impacted

  • Young Africans especially francophones between the age of 13 and 40

  • African techies

  • Final year students of national university and training institutions

  • The Ministries of education, commerce and finance of our target countries

  • The Media

  • Major opinion leaders, influencers and decision makers of the country

Expected impact on tertiary sector and national development:

** Initiate and champion a break in the digital divide in the select countries by creating internet hubs in remote villages

  • Include and promulgate the french speaking population into the blockchain revolution sponsored and powered by AAVE.

  • Empower and vulgarise information, training and skills in blockchain in Cameroon and then French and select English speaking African countries

  • Support national institutions in select countries by creating a blockchain research centre which will be a cradle for the rise of a new form of employment and consequent growth in national gdp

  • Massively increase the use of the AAVE Platform and systems and position the organization as the champion and authority in blockchain tech in Africa

  • Contribute to the ríse of a née generation of blockchain pros who create AI and systems to facilitate fintech, administrative and human resource management tech and other technologies that facilitates life

  • Create a media discourse and mass dissemination that will engineer major discussions around blockchain that will make it a way of life and push people to the research centre to exploit available opportunities

  • Create diverse opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts and national institutions through events like competitions, expositions, micro grants, availability of resources and exchange programs.

  • Reduce unemployment by engaging young people in our select countries in our diverse programs and agendas. Also create a self employment opportunity for those who can maximize the wealth of possibilities with the blockchain technology.

  • Create a portal for America and Europe to have more insight on the opportunities and possibilities that blockchain offers for the African continent.



our findings show that our target have the following needs:

  • Language facilitation for french and other languages in Africa

  • Exposure to simplified and assimable information and data on blockchain technology

  • Media presence for blockchain and DeFi rated activities that influence behavioral change towards the subject

  • A reference and trust worthy interface where they can access resources, tools, skills to use the blockchain technology and better their lives

  • A networking and exchange system that permits knowledge sharing, skills exchange and opportunity creation for the enthusiasts of the domain.

  • A financial system that bypasses all banking bottle necks and saves them from their weak currencies


  • Become the engineers of diversifying blockchain and crypto language in Africa

  • Become the media, marketing and communication arsenal that drives Information through

  • Become the authority and reference point of crypto and blockchain data in Africa

  • Become the masterminds behind the networking and collaboration of crypto and blockchain players to unite forces to maximize the potential of the field, powered by AAVE

  • Overall AAVE is branded and position as the engineering power behind blockchain in Africa.


The execution of the project shall be run in diverse stages at micro and macro level.


Our first project is to translate the AAVE platform into the following major languages spoken in Africa

  • French

  • Swahili

  • Arab

  • Hausa/Yoruba

  • Pidgin


  • Translators

  • Editors

  • Secretaries

  • Developers


  • We work with AAVE developers team to send us text file of all text and bimuttona of the site
  • Work with professional translators to translate scripts to selected languages
  • Have them reviewed by editors and proof readers
  • Work with developers to place each text in place as om the website
  • Create a translation engine or embedded plugin to translate comments and new auto generated content
  • Communicate massively on the change applied to the site for our frnech counterparts

Expected outcome:

  • More coverage of AAVE and agenda in a vast area in Africa
  • More users and interest in the system thereby softening the ground for our Trainings and networking events
  • More stakeholder involvement in our community

Stage 2: newslettering, Podcasting and Youtubing

Our second project is to have a regular audio and video publication in the languages we shortlisted above. The idea of this is to have a constant information flow on our activities.

The select platforms are the following:

  • Anchor.fm
  • Apple podcasts
  • YouTube
  • Joomag magazine publishing

These publications will focus on updates, trends and skill development on blockchain and crypto. The audio and video publications will be 5 to 10 minutes long thrice a week while the magazine publications will be 8 pages on weekends


  • Editors
  • Writers
  • Presenter or anchorman
  • Camera and studio interface
  • Content editor and publisher


  • We gather information in the course of the week on trends, data, updates and basic skills on crypto
  • We process them and make a script to be presented
  • The presenter then presents the cast and is filmed and recorded. The video is published on youtube and the audio on audio streaming platforms. The print is published in Joomag magazine publishing.
  • We boost and market these content to a wide audience specifically to our target countries sharing them on platforms that can eventually reach remote parts of Africa

Eventually we will widen the languages according to how need be.

Expected outcomes:

  • Wide audience of blockchain and crypto information on languages that can be understood
  • Becomes a supporting tool to our Trainings and other events which refreshes memory on our agenda.
  • More people hear about AAVE and our work we are carrying out on the field.

Stage 3: Bootcamps fuelled with mass communications

Our third project falls in line with Education. We have developed a way to create a club and education pool for blockchain and crypto.


  • Course outlines
  • Facilitators
  • Dynamic Hall for Trainings
  • Sound system
  • Media Coverage
  • Streaming and teleconference systems


We shall prepare an outline and Programme of training in line with the following headings:

  • Who is AAVE and lions counsel

  • What do they represent and how do they work?

  • What really is blockchain an crypto?

  • History of blockchain and crypto?

  • Why the fuzz?

  • What can this actually do?

  • What are the opportunities that exists in this field of activity?

  • How can crypto and blockchain change your life and your community?

  • How do I get involved?

  • We shall then book a hall and configure it Steve Jobs presentation style and bootcamp hall arrangement. We shall prepare sound system with translation possibilities through Bluetooth speakers

  • We shall launch a massive 360 mass communication campaign on television, radio, newspaper, billboard and social media to ensure massive attendance. Access is free. We shall enforce this through media relations and disruptive outdoor interventions that create a wow effect and oblige media coverage.

  • Participants shall then register digitally through our dedicated web page on our website. Those with innovations and wishing to expose their work will be facilitated to do so.

  • We shall bring in facilitators for the different topics listed above

On event take off we shall have four categories of activities

  • The Training sessions
  • The Networking sessions
  • The practical sessions
  • The recreation and expo sessions

At the end of each day we take inventory of what happened, how it happened, what we could do better, and re-organize the way both the next day and the next stop over will be done. This ensures a continuous learning and adaptation process.

At the end of the first bootcamp, we would have had our pilot program which will guide the next session in another town. We shall also award best projects and sponsor at least three.

Cameroon is our first stop over. The first town for the bootcamp will be Buea, followed by Douala and then crowned in Yaounde.

The learning from the three bootcamps in Cameroon will establish the final model and training system that shall be applied and adapted in the streak of African countries we shall move to.

Expected outcome:

  • Massive communications on blockchain and crypto powered by AAVE
  • Increase in awareness of crypto by 10%
  • Massive involvement in crypto and blockchain activity following encouragement of proposed projects
  • Increased adoption of crypto and blockchain by at least 10%
  • Increased networking of cryptopreneurs and blockchain specialists who becomes ambassadors of our crypto revolution.
  • Increased Lobbying power with government to support and push forward the crypto and blockchain agenda.

Stage 4 : Blockchain and DeFi School Club

We have the vision to integrate blockchain and crypto and DeFi education in our education systems. This is in order to for children to grow with it and for adults to catch up with the technology where they not oppotuned to have it at their early age.

What are these clubs?

It is a gathering within school campuses which meets twice a week to discuss crypto and blockchain activities and innovations and how to make it develóp their lives and communities. They shall have their independent activities that shall all culminate in both the monthly assembly of all school clubs as well as the end of year annual festival. Access to the club is free for both boys and girls. Regular communications shall flow within members and the leaders shall have weekly reports of the activities they carry out.

The idea of these clubs is to have our agenda implanted from the roots and grow it into every fabric of the intellect community so that our research centre and Trainings centres shall becomes the desire of every club member.


  • A leadership team
  • Dedicated app or interactive platform
  • T shirts,
  • Printed cryto and blockchain material
  • Social Media and streaming platforms


  • We shall constitue and legalise the club and a legal entity

  • We shall invite some leaders of school unions and associations as well as student syndicates for the constitutive meeting and present the project

  • We shall present how we want the clubs to run and what we want to achieve with these clubs.

  • We shall them have a workshop with these leaders and syndicates and draw a geographical and technical map of how the club will be constituted in every high school And university in the country and how the hierarchy of information and command works.

  • We will then follow up for these clubs to be created and managed and data and information from these clubs shall guide our overall plans and activities

  • We will then rent a hall and put a few furniture therein so that they can meet in these clubs in proximity to school. This shall be just for universities. For high schools they will culminate in the university offices.

  • These clubs will be the running engine to fuel our monthly events.

Expected outcome:

  • Engrain and implant crypto and blockchain in the very roots and fabrics of the intellectual community

  • Integrate cryto and blockchain in our education system without confronting the existing system

  • The educational community vulgarise and normalise the concept of crypto and blockchain not as a scam but as a tool for develópment and transformation

  • Competitiveness and networking improved in the blockchain and crypto community.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

We shall use the following tools to monitor and evaluation if the project:

Trello : This platform will assemble all work processes on one visible and accessible platform for all stakeholders to see and interact with each other. As such we can check if KPIs and timelines are being met

Slack / Whatsapp Group/Telegram groups: With this system we can share collective and instant messaging on the evolution of project timelines and deliverables to ensure we reach target

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides : We shall use these platforms to create shareable and interactive reporting systems for the project be it in word, excel or powerpoint form. As such we report daily on project evolution using this group documentation system.

With this system we shall list the deliverables and check them each time they are done and outline what is lacking, why it is lacking and how to close the gaps.

Zoom and Physical Meetings: At the start and end of the week we shall hold physical and zoom meetings to plan week work and evaluate week work using these systems.

How does this project benefit the greater AAVE ecosystem?

  • First the project benefits the ecosystem by multiplying its overall number of users by at least 25%.

  • Secondly the Project positions AAVE as the pioneer and champion of the movement of blockchain in francophone and West Africa and other African countries Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone which are virgin territories.

  • Third the project will massively increase the transactions and paid users on the platform thereby multiplying the impact on the liquidity pool for the organization in the long run

  • Fourth the project will create and develop a strong niche market for AAVE which is the french speaking Africa as well as other virgin countries

  • Finally the project will establish AAVE as an authority and Power company in the French speaking and virgin niche market in the domain of crypto currency and blockchain.

Relevant links *

Any links for us to take a look at? E.g. github, website, demo, etc…



**Project goals & success factors: ***

  • Our major goal is to use education, media, events and language as tools to engineer the adoption and promulgation of crypto and blockchain under the banner of AAVE.

  • Our secondary goal is to create systems and teams that stir the discourse and agenda of blockchain and crypto under the banner of AAVE which in the long run will make it a lifestyle and preferred choice of transaction in Africa.

  • We also aim to use disruptive media methodologies to do a mental takeover and mind programming of the African people to switch from fiat and centralized methods of contracting, money transactions and information sharing to blockchain and crypto under the banner of AAVE.

To know we have succeeded we will have to see the following:

  1. AAVE being recognised and adopted as the best and most trusted crypto and blockchain Dcentralized interface in our target countries

  2. A dynamic and ever growing club and groupment of blockchain and crytopreneurs animating our schools and social fabrics powered by AAVE

  3. A demographic report showing graphs and data of high views, interactions, imoressions and consumption of our digital content.

  4. High classic, new media and guerilla media presence and buzz containing AAVE content in line with blockchain and cryptocurrency occupying an overall 3% of daily content on the media

A consistent and comprehensive feedback of improved understanding and apprehension of AAVE platform, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

AAVE will be physically visible and mentally top of mind with the advent of the Blockchain school clubs, Bootcamps, digital&physical advertisement.

**Project roadmap & milestones: ***

What do the next 3-6 months look like? Include any major milestones that show progress towards the end goal.

Month 1:

Team 1 manages recruitment, content creation and planning of bootcamp.

KPI: team recruited, content validated, bootcamp program and content validated.

Team 2 Simultaneously translates content of the website to four languages and builds scripts for content.

KPI: Translators, developers and scriptwriters contracted and drafts initiated

Month 2:

Team 1 manages Guerilla Mass Media intervention and street invasion of AAVE bootcamp sessions. Same team launches first bootcamp sessions in Douala.


Street Invasion done in 5 roundabouts of the 3 pilot cities with major ad campaign pasted on exit

  • 4 major TVs, 7 major radios, 5 major newspapers and 15 major blogs and pages are constantly on the impact of our street and media invasion.

Team 2 manages delivery of language translations and production of content.


All translations done and proofread.

All content done, consumed and validated for public use.

First bootcamp executed with positive feedback from participants above 70%

Month 3:

Team 1 delivers on the second bootcamp in Buea and Last bootcamp in Yaounde.


Buea bootcamp done with positive feedback above 70%

Yaounde bootcamp done with positive feedback above 70%

At least 200 persons pre-register for the School clubs to be created.

Team 2 manages uploading, publishing and marketing of created content. Also manages content created in bootcamps to publish and market on diverse platforms.


All content uploaded successfully with at least 40% coverage of estimated demography and at least 60% engagement with publications. Also great feedback exceeding 60% of these reached on target coming from other sources like mails and direct messaging in reaction to posts.

Month 4:

Team 1 plans and initiates the creation of AAVE clubs in secondary schools and universities and a community app powered by AAVE is created for information and community flow.


Clubs created in all universities and 40% secondary schools un Yaounde, Douala, Bamenda and Buea. Constitutions and leadership put in place. First meetings held.

Community app developed with links to AAVE app and website

Team 2 is focusing on doing extensive research on where we can do a pilot project for the internet hub in a remote village in Kumba. Month will end with first model planted and tested


Land survey done, potential placement negotiated for with local administration, modem acquired and pilot construction done and setup and tested

Month 5:

Team 1 launches first club event in all created clubs. Aim is to rally more club members and promulgate the agenda to invade and penetrate the school elite class.

Team 2 on testing and seeing the success of the internet hub does rally for use and receives feedback on the pilot operation. Learnings and results from this operation shall produce the standard model to be applied in the other localities we move to.


First event is held, report made, learning done and standard process for events established. New candidates considered and communicated to.

Testing process completed and standard operations manual established for the next locality

Month 6:

Team 1 managing affairs of the clubs in schools and launches groundwork for the research centre

Team 2 moves to implant next model internet hub in Mbalmayo in the centre region. On success and rallying moves to plant next model in Bonaberie Village


Groundwork for the research centre done, report given and standard operations procedures for building is established pending constructions process.

Internet hub in Mbalmayo and Bonaberie Village established, tested and running. Traffic to AAVE sites through ip monitored and learning done.

Challenges *

Have you come across any obstacles thus far? If so, how have you attempted to tackle these issues? Have you been successful in overcoming them?

In Cameroon for example a great number of young people are not aware or don’t know what blockchain or Crypto is talkless of how it functions. We saw this a big challenge for blockchain/crypto adoption and we decided to create a community (Blockchain for Everyone) and a podcast channel(The Afrocryptonyte) aimed an providing foundation lessons. The aim of the community is to breakdown the all aspects of web 3.0 to so even our grand mothers can understand thus our slogan is ‘Simplified Web3.0’.

We started this community on WhatsApp on the 30th October 2021 with 50 members and by our second webinar we already had 125 members. by the close of the month of November our whatsApp group was full.

We organize webinars on Google Meet every Saturday for 2 to 3 hours and we have over 50 to 70 members actively attending every week.

We invite experts from around Africa to come share their experience in the Web 3.O industry in order to help members of the community take action.

Budget breakdown *

Please also include a breakdown of how the funds will be used across each part of the project.

Marketing & communication ( newslettering, Podcasting and Youtubing, advertising and branding) $6000

Translation (Our first project is to translate the AAVE platform into the following major languages spoken in Africa French, Swahili, Arab, Hausa/Yoruba, Pidgin) $20000

Bootcamps fuelled with mass communications/Blockchain School Club $6000

Furnishing of the premises $5000

Expansions (4 bootcamps in a year in 4 different countries) $32000

Awards to brilliant participants/ AAVE souvenirs $6000

In total we a seeking for a $75000 grant.

Referral *

How did you hear about us? Did someone refer you or did you find us? E.g. twitter, website, newsletter, etc…

We heard about AAVE from Bankless podcast announcing their need for labour and then went to their website to find out more about the grants

Additional info (feel free to share anything else you feel might help your application!)

We will need the technical assistance like direct access to the webmaster and developer of AAVE systems to assist us in how we can integrate the system in our project execution. We will also need the professional assistance of the AAVE team to share information and data for us to have more accurate results and do our project in conformity to the norms and vision of AAVE.

1.Cameroon Digital Skill Campaign powered by Microsoft, ANTIC & CHANGE ENGINE


Hey guys, help us bring Aave to Africa. :grinning:


Great proposal! There is so much potential in these regions to replace legacy payment systems like M-Pesa and bring self custodial banking to a hugely underbanked population.


@neptune Thank you for your comment. The way you write makes it seem as if you know the reasons we are doing this. Specifically, we think that web3.0/Blockchain are the only technologies that fit that African context. By working with AAVE, we want to play a leading role in bringing blockchain technology to Africa.

Millions of young Africans are unaware of the existence of blockchain technology and how it can impact their future, yet this technology holds the potential to change their lives forever.


@Kingskid what an amazing proposal, kudos!

It is great to see projects aiming to bridge the technical and language gap of crypto and bring it to new regions and countries. This is the original goal of crypto; to make finance fairer and distributed.

I am aligned on this target demographic:

How are students able to access the Aave protocol? Do students have their own devices able to support individual wallets? Or will this be an additional need of the program - infrastructure to support wallets.


@fig You give us yet another reason to hold onto our mission and vision. Thank you so much for your comment. Our goal is to put Africa (specifically 17 Francophone African countries) on the map of blockchain, web3 & crypto. Through AAVE, we aim to reach more than 15 million young people in Africa over the next 24 months.

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hello @neptune for your observation. Indeed there is a huge potential especially as more than 50% of of the population are unbanked and are open to accommodate more descentrralisesd finance options.


Thank you @fig for your kind remark on our project:
As you likely mention our target demographic is final year student in both state own universities and private higher institutes of learning

In Cameroon for example we have an annual average of 59k student graduates from 8 state university and 299 privately owed univisities.
Graduate statistics in Cameroon

How are students able to access the Save protocol?
This question widen the scope of this program and opens us to even more opportunities as we can create a portal for students where Aave can reward every sign up with an Airdrop of a few Aave tokens.

Do students have their own devices able to support individual wallets?

According to the digital statistics by Hootsuit on the Cameroon digital space; 9.15million of 26 million are active on the internet ranging between 18-64years
Therefore, there is an additional need as we have to redirect all these sign up to the Aave protocol in a unique manner.


Some strongpoints that gives more fuel to our mission and Vision.

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