Creation Of AAVE Africa Community (AAVEA)

The team will be made up of diverse talent from various social works of life. From content creators to translators to community managers to marketing managers, Graphic designers


1 Increase awareness of AAVE blockchain and its usecase in solving problems currently affecting Africa as a whole
2 provide Education and resources especially to upcoming developers who see blockchain as a solution to tackle emerging problem globally
provide a favourable atmosphere where companies/platforms can have direct assess to manpower knowledgeable on how to build on AAVE
3 provide resources which can be used to equip Africans to build on AAVE
4 create an environment where Developers can come together and See AAVE as a solution not just for casual use
5 Create Dapps which will benefit AAVE, Africa and Blockchain as a whole
6 Create a favourable environment whereby Artist, graphic designers, musicians and anyone can promote African culture via NFTs

1 create achievable goals which will either be accomplished monthly or quarterly
create a sub-guild of developers who will build on AAVE to provide solutions that is African BASE
2 create a sub-guild of Talented Artists of various forms which will be focused on creating NFTs which will promote Africa Culture.
3 create contents and translation of various activities and manuscript which will easy those who wishes to onboard on AAVE
4 create Infographs and graphics to spread activities going on in AAVE
5 Host both offline and online events targeted to get investors, developers and Artists of various form into the AAVE ECOSYSTEM
Build on relationships and partnerships in Africa cryptosphere
6 manage AAVE Africa communities both on Telegram, twitter and YouTube
Increase partnerships, onboarding projects and people

1 Create a hub for Developers to come together and think on solutions that can be built on AAVE
Deep knowledge into graph to provide technical content for new startups wishing to build on AAVE
2 Training and Education of new developers and NFT artist
3 Education on opportunities present on AAVE as an Artist, motion picture artist, musician, graphic designers
4 Thinkers of new technology
Teaching and recruitment of Top notch developers
5 create a HUB of raw talent that can be recruited by startups any where in the world

Created a telegram group already

1st Quarter
We will deal mostly on onboarding of members into our social media community
Telegram as well as twitter account
*Hosting of in house amas to educate the community more of AAVE and it’s benefits
*Translation of AAVE announcement and translations into Africa core Languages as many as we can cover

2nd Quarter
We continue with activities of 1st Quarter
Going to other crypto communities
Blockchain hubs to onboard more Africans all over the region of Africa
Attending of Blockchain hubs events
And developers event to onboard developers into AAVE
3rd Quarter we will perhaps start a community project

We will continue building the Africa community untill it is independent and can source funding on it own while
Expanding AAVE to all region of Africa


COST FOR Running the community MONTHLY* **

Community management: $500
Social Media Management: $350
Graphics Team: $400
Content Team : $450
Translation Team : $300
Giveaway during weekly AMA/Twitter spaces to onboard individuals: $500.
Hosting Amas on other community:500
Totalling: 3000$

Hello @neptune thank you for your interest in this proposal
This proposal is definitely a good one
Penetrating french speaking country who have language issues to partake in crypto is a nice one
But best believe me we at Nigeria Ghana
Uganda Kenya and many more haven’t heard much of AAVE
We are not just targeting a particular set of people
We are at going to take on the entire Africa
Making sure we make educational content ,translation into several Africa language .
We are not just doing the educational aspect of it
We will attend Fintech , developers event and other Blockchain event all over Africa so we can onboard
Developers who will have the Passion to build on AAVE
Our telegram group and twitter handle will serve as a means of communication to our region
And as time goes on we will have a community project

Africans are very passionate about web 3
And I want the trust of the ecosystem to lead this initiative it’s a big task but I will handle it just fine
All we need is the support of AAVE and the entire community
We will keep the entire updated every month
To show our progress and achievement

Taking a look at this screenshot shows that there no presence of AAVE in the Africa crypto community this is one of the things we will accomplish
Giving AAVE Space in the Africa space
Promoting AAVE in the culture of Africans
Translation will be published at AAVE Africa YouTube channel and our Telegram group and announcement channel