Aave X OnePiece [Automated System Operations]


Proposal for the open collaboration of OnePiece as a multi-chain operational system available for Aave users.


Chris D. Beckman, Head of Business Development at OnePiece, is submitting this proposal on behalf of NatureLabs, the creator of OnePiece.


Onchain composability plays a pivotal role in Defi’s evolvement for both end users and developers – a high percentage of their onchain tasks, strategies or new protocol construction requires interoperations across multiple protocols combined with calculations & data monitoring.

OnePiece is the first multi-chain middleware layer that renders swift & automated access to onchain application & onchain composability, aiming to substantially reduce the barrier & cost of utilizing onchain composability of Dapps to accelerate the development & adoption of Defi. In specific, OnePiece provides :

  1. End users with a set of automated Defi Task Types, which :

    A. Turn complex manual execution of a typical Defi task to a simple 3-step task definition process.

    B. Optimize user’s capital efficiency.

  2. Developers with

    A. As Infura is saving developers effort for node setup & maintenance, Onepiece wants to save comparable amount of effort when developers access Dapps;

    B. Onchain data requires considerable effort in processing & structuring before they are ready for use, even for data provided by “The Graph”. Onepiece saves that for developers.


For AAVE’s users,

  1. Provide a 2 - level protection against liquidation:

    a. Keep user’s collateral ratio to preset target through auto rebalancing across his lending position & farming/staking positions.
    b. In case of rapid collateral ratio rise, part of the collateral is sold via Flashloan to return to the target collateral ratio to avoid liquidation.

  2. Increase users’ capital efficiency (up to 50%): When the collateral ratio drops below preset standard, it will return to the target collateral ratio by auto borrowing extra to increase user’s predefined farming/staking positions

  3. Save much of user s manual execution for tasks involving interoperations between AAVE & other protocols through automation & auto data monitoring.

For developers,

  1. Provide more uniformed ABI to access AAVE smart contracts to shorten the learning cycle.

  2. Provide processed & structured AAVE data to save data acquisition & processing time.

  3. Provide documents to accelerate user’s development on top of AAVE.


  1. All the above should increase AAVE’s adoption rate and transaction volume through enhancement in user stickness & reduction in user’s concern with risk & overhead of using AAVE.

  2. As the backbone in Defi, AAVE is accessed by many developers in various cases to compose new strategies, tasks or protocols. Increased accessibility to AAVE smart contracts & data could further enlarge AAVE’s impact in the ecosystem.


3 building blocks lay the foundation for Onepiece’s improved onchain accessibility:

  1. Protocol Integration: Integrating major Dapps on mainstream blockchains;
  2. Data acquisition, processing & structuring for all integrated protocols;
  3. Automation.



With MS in EE from Delft University of Technology, Luffy started as engineer/researcher at Intel Eindhoven, NL. & computer system lab of Stanford University, successively. Then he became a strategy consultant in Accenture and Mckinsey, Amsterdam Office. In 2018, Luffy founded a leading aggregative OTC platform adopted by 100+ crypto-exchanges, wallets and mining platforms. The company shifted focus to Defi asset management since March 2020 with sizable AUM.



OnePiece sets milestones in the following dimensions:

  1. TVL managed through OnePiece:

    a. 1 Billion TVL managed through OnePiece in 4 months after launch
    b. 5 Billion TVL managed through OnePiece in 1 year after launch

  2. No. of Task Types provided:

    a. 6 in 4 months after launch
    b. 12 in a year after launch that covers 70% of the frequent operation cases
    c. From month 12 after launch, 30% of the additional ones are contributed by the community and other protocols

  3. No. of Integrated chains incl. L2:

    a. 3 in 4 months after launch
    b. 8 in a year after launch

  4. No. of Integrated Protocols:

    a. 25 in 4 months after launch
    b. 80 in a year after launch
    c. From month 12 after launch, 60% of the additional ones are contributed by the community and other protocols

  5. No. of processed protocol data instances:

    a. 25 in 4 months after launch
    b. 50 in a year after launch
    c. From month 12 after launch, 75% of the additional ones are contributed by the community and other protocols

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Hello, my comment isn’t about your proposal but about something else. Why do you use a TM protected name with obvious elements from the series? Just alone by this i would stay away from you. Also the website looks in my opinion “cheap”. UX/UI is important and should be state of the art.

In spite of the criticism, thank you for the attention. For your comments :

  1. One of the great things about Crypto is the freedom you have to express yourself, in your case by joining a great DAO community that you support; in our case through creating a product that reflects our thoughts, of which name is a part. We use the name OnePiece to express our wish to reduce the fragmentation in DeFi ecosystem through the project we are working on. And indeed, many of our team members are fans of it.

  2. Esthetic is quite subjective. No matter how well UI is designed, we can guarantee some users won’t like it. We take good advice and improve. But using “cheap” is apparently showing disrespect to all the effort the team has spent, especially our UI designers. And about UX, I guess you need to try it later on (App is about launch soon) before any judgment could be made.

With that being said, maybe we should pay more attention to the contents of the project, rather than the appearance. From that perspective, rather than another copycat, OnePiece is bringing something unique and possibly quite beneficial to the onchain ecosystem in long term.

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maybe cheap was the wrong word. But still i think you get what i mean. Im just comparing your site with the one from Aave for example.
The next thing, why i was asking that OnePiece brand, is that me as an Aave holder don’t want a protocol like Aave to be involved or in some kind partnership if there is the risk of a copyright infriguement. Aave has some kind of reputation that shouldn’t be in danger. That being said, many DeFi protocols or Dapps in general are having (at least in my opinion) no real business visibility. It should look more serious and not like the Yam farm style we had in 2020.

Same here, we are also AAVE holders & advocators. So we understand your standpoint well. That’s also one of the reasons we want to start a partnership with AAVE, we know this is helpful to AAVE’s ecosystem.
And indirectly, your thoughts are contributing to our evolvement. Appreciated!