ABPT unstake to ABPT V2

Hello, I just unstaked the deprecated ABPT tokens (instead of clicking “Migrate,” I clicked “Unstake”)

Now I see the ABPT tokens in my wallet but I cannot find a way to Migrate to ABPT V2 (I realize I should have just clicked “Migrate” after the fact) or even to swap the tokens back to WETH and AAVE.

Balancer does not recognize the liquidity pool so I cannot seem to swap out of ABPT. I ideally would like to just restake in ABPT V2 if possible.

Any suggestions please?

Thank you in advance.

I think you can find the old pool on the old balancer interface and unwrap to aave/weth there GitHub - balancer/frontend-v1: V1 Pool Management

Hi @Freshprana , I have the same issue and all my remove liquidity request are pending. Does it works for you ?