Stake ABPT from v1 to V2. Migration not working?

I was attempting to move my staked AAVE/wETH balancer pool ABPT token from v1 to v2.

I clicked migrate and I see the transaction as a smart contract executed.

However, when I check the staking tab on AAVE site, it still shows my ABPT in v1 version.

I am not accruing staking rewards.

Can someone please help me, and clarify what I need to do to get my staked ABPT over to v2 which is actually giving yield?

Hi, I would recommend checking with the official Aave discord. You can find the official link for example on coingecko or their X profile.
Beware of scams and don’t answer any DM.

Thanks for reply.

Ughh. Pretty weary of those chat rooms.

Maybe its best for me to try to unstake and either sell out of AAVE (which would be disappointing) or pay the transaction fees and try to get new ABPT tokens from v2 balancer pool. Interestingly, I still have the option to unstake from v1 staking protocol.