AIP-4: Activation of Aave Protocol Governance V2

The upgrade of the Aave governance model is ready to be submitted to AAVE holders in the form of an AIP.

Vote for this AIP will start today (12/11/2020), if you want to participate, you’re invited to use the aave app UI :

Direct vote with the contracts is also available, please refers to the dedicated documentation :

AIP content in short

  • Implementation of the Aave Governance v2 smart contract
  • Implementation of voting delegation and proposal power delegation
  • Implementation of voting strategies with the inclusion of AAVE and StkAAVE
  • Addition of voting and proposition power delegations on AAVE and SktAAVE
  • Implementation of Executor entities
  • Implementation of the Guardian

For further understanding of the new mechanisms introduced in this proposal, please refer to the following diagram:

Relevant links

For more details on this AIP please refers to the associated ARC post : ARC: Activation of Aave Protocol Governance V2

Please also find the content of the AIP-4 on the Aave public Github repo :


thanks for the hard work ser, have a great Christmas ahead