AIP: From idea to implementation to execution

:wave: As described in Aavenomics, an important part of the community governance is how governance ideas eventually are implemented in the protocol.

I’ll give a short overview of this process, in its current form.
(This post has been updated for V2 governance)

  1. An Aave Request for Comments (ARC) is created and reviewed by the community
  2. If the ARC is non-contentious, then an Aave Improvement Proposal (AIP) can be created
  3. The AIP, including the necessary payloads, are submitted on-chain for a governance vote.

For more information, see our Governance Docs here.


Thank you @daveytea for the process overview!

Anyone who’s interested in engaging with Aave governance, I’d also recommend to read this thread from the Maker forum:

This could be a good initial template for handling the Aave’s AIPs moving through the Discussion and Signal collection phase. Of course Aave is going to develop its own governance processes but doesn’t hurt to learn from experience!


This post has been updated with clearer steps, as well as a link to the new Governance docs.


Has it been proposed (or considered) and decided against to grant voting power to $aAAVE holders?


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