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$ANT is the native token of the Aragon Network. Aragon is the leading DAO infrastructure platform with 15/20 of the top 20 DAOs by treasury size being built on Aragon.

Source: DeepDAO

$ANT has a market cap of ~$140M, average daily volumes of $35M over the last 3 months, and is tradable on most major exchanges including Binance, Huobi and OKEX. @Alex_BertoG has also previously conducted an ANT risk assessment which can be found here

Why $ANT

We believe there are several reasons it makes sense to list $ANT on Aave:

  • $ANT is not currently listed on any other lending platforms and is not currently running any incentive campaigns. Aave would therefore be the only available alternative for $ANT holders looking to earn yield or lever their holdings.
  • $ANT is currently undergoing an “acquisition” of $ANJ which Delphi Digital has been strongly involved in. The Aragon Network has approved a conversion price of 0.044 ANT/ANJ for $ANJ holders willing to lock up their converted $ANT for 12 months. This is a >5x premium to the current market price. As such, we expect to see significant demand from users looking to hedge their $ANT exposure in order to take advantage of the higher conversion price. We are already seeing requests for this among our clients and expect this to generate significant borrow demand.
  • To kick off the $ANT lending market on Aave, the Aragon Association and a number of other well known institutionals looking to put their $ANT to work are ready to seed the lending market with over $10M worth of $ANT.

Being able to borrow and lend $ANT would enable a range of other applications:

  • Borrow ANT in order to finance acquisitions of complementary protocols (similar to the recent merger proposal of ANJ into ANT)
  • Increase exposure to bonded ANT assets
  • Create interest bearing aANT that can be staked in other protocols
  • Participate in unsecured ANT loans to Aragon DAOs to help accelerate their growth
  • Increase voting power in the Aragon Network DAO to vote on important proposals
  • Engage in ANT farming once supply-side incentives are available
  • Enable leveraged ANT trades

Future Aave x Aragon collabs

With over $350M worth of assets currently secured by Aragon DAOs, we believe there is significant scope for further collaboration between the Aragon and Aave communities.

We see the potential for a deeper integration with Aave that would enable Aragon DAOs to:

  • Deposit their entire vault of supported assets as collateral in Aave
  • DAO to DAO loans using Aave Credit Delegation
  • Convert specific assets in their vault into aTokens
  • On-ramp off-ramp to fiat (assuming this will eventually be possible via Aave’s e-money license)

If the community of Aavengers and $ANT holders are supportive of the addition of $ANT to the Aave ecosystem, your voting power

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ANT token : 0xa117000000f279d81a1d3cc75430faa017fa5a2e

Aragon Governance forum:

Help and FAQ:

Audits/Security Reviews :

Many thanks to the Aave community in general and to @Alex_BertoG specifically for the ANT risk assessment.

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Completely in favor of ANT addition. Aragon is a quality project and ANT is a very interesting asset.

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