ARC: Adding current Mainnet collaterals to Polygon

Why are not all collaterals from the Mainnet supported on Polygon? I’d love to stake my Chainlink, SNX and CRV on Polygon. CRV is especially weird that it’s not included in the collateral list, because CRV is also on the Polygon network.
Do we really have to go through the entire process of adding every single collateral through the Proposals and Voting for every single collateral again? Or is it actually possible to add all approved collaterals on the mainnet with a single request?

The initial selection of collaterals was performed following the principle of having the most liquid listed first (to reduce liquidation risk). Many of the collaterals currently on the main market are illiquid on polygon, which would carry risk of insolvency for the polygon market.

Now that the market is filled on Polygon I think the risk is small if you put more assets to the market, and start with a 50% loan allowed, then it will also balance the pool on Polygon in some way and help balance the global locked value.

This will create a transfer of token from the mainnet to Polygon in order to earn the early APY prices, and in case of big crash you’re afraid to fragilize both markets ?

Btw, allowing to stake Aave on Polygon would improve safety on Polygon isn’t it? And it will improve total security of the Aave protocol on Polygon by welcoming smaller holders.

Aave definitely did a great choice to go to Polygon, and the quick growing of the shares in that market proves this, to allow similar services on both is now a fair expectation for Aave users. Despite the voting headaches going on, listing more and staking on Polygon market would be great to the protocol accessibility.