ARC: Harmony Recovery

Tribalism is very strong feeling in humans, very hard to overcome if you need to find a compromise.

Let me just highlight that every victim of the events concerning Harmony+AAVE is a member of both tribes. Not exactly because they have chosen to…


Quote every single word!

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I currently explained our situation here: to get some support. I will continue doing so on each and every social media to get the maximum support possible. Also contacting crypto newspapers and influencers. If anyone wants to help, feel free to contact me. Hopefully it will help finding a solution for all of us. Best regards.


Ignoring this issue isn’t going to make it go away. Again. Can we get a vote to either, participate in the current recovery process, or find a different method to rectify this?

Who has access to the depegged “Collateral” assets?
Why haven’t the assets already been liquidated?
How do we gain access to the depegged “Collateral” assets?

AAVE seems to not claim any responsibility for the fate of Its lenders on Harmony, then why do they retain control of the depegged assets? The assets should be divided up between the lenders who have lost their money.


We are with you. We are in it together. Don’t lose hope.

AAVE on Harmony shouldn’t be an on-chain monument of the failure.


AAVE is holding our money hostage, they have no claim to any of the assets on chain. As lenders the collateral belongs to us, depegged or not. The borrowers have defaulted.


This is my new idea for the proposal:

  1. Create detailed snapshot of the current state.
  2. Perform liquidations of all debts vs collateral as it is.
  3. Show resulting balance (deficit) to Harmony ONE leaders and appeal for them to cover half of it with their funds.
  4. Compensate the difference from AAVE own funds (fees revenue).
  5. Open withdrawals for X time.
  6. After X time announce retirement of AAVE protocol on Harmony chain (optional).

It’s a liquidity issue that’s preventing the funds from released ?

This is good. Can we discuss this further?

So you cannot withdrawal your one because the one is devalued due to insolvency issues? the liquidity of the one is not there because of the stable coin’s being depegged. I had 250k in 1dai that is only in theory worth 13k and I borrowed " 250k "worth of one that was priced at $.25 and is valued at .01 today I’d say there’s virtually no liquidity.

I lent my One through AAVE to gain % APR.

Just after the Harmony horizon bridge was hacked, a bad or actor, or actor(s), (it appears to be three main wallets), used around $1.3M-$1.5M in depegged tokens, as collateral to borrow all of the assets that were not depegged on AAVE, including my One. Because all of the One has been borrowed with deppeged assets, there is no longer enough One liquidity for me to withdraw my loan.

Now as I see it there are a few different paths that have presented themselves so far.

One, (no pun intended) of those paths is for either Harmony (centralized team) or AAVE (decentralized collective) to deposit enough One that lenders such as myself will have enough liquidity to withdraw.

Another path, is for AAVE to liquidate the collateral, (depegged assets) that were used to borrow with, (a procces thats suppose to happen anyway, when the value of the collateral falls too far below the value of the asset borrowed). The value of those assets while depegged will be less than the amount borrowed, but it is better than nothing, and then to divide that liquidity among the lenders who did not act in bad faith.

And the third option, Harmony Recovery team has started the lengthy multiyear process of buying back deppeged assets to restore the peg(s). They could buy back the depegged from AAVE as well, but this would need to be voted on, as they are currently locked in this state of, smart-contract limbo.


i agreed with First Proposal because 50mil One not so much with One price now, Harmony team can withdraw on Harmony - Locked Supply wallet and support to all AAVE user cannot withdraw

I feel they dont care because it so little but they will lose confidence from investors


AAVE is well known and quite reputable DeFi protocol. I’d say that it should be a privilege for the small chain to be supported by AAVE.
If this issue isn’t resolved by Harmony Team contributing to the solution, there will be always a question, why other significant lending protocols should enable Harmony?

As an update from the technical side of this, from BGD we have tried to make some clarification also on the Harmony forum regarding the technical support and information we provided to the teams around Harmony, sharing it here for the context (even if some other participant already did)

As we commented there, it is not anyhow the role of BGD to be a decision maker on this, but we have tried our best to inform about the technicalities, advantages, and disadvantages (e.g. how users of the pool can be made whole) of different strategies of recovery.
The way we supported is fully disclosed on the post linked, but right now it is not really clear who is even active on the Harmony team/decision side or if they need any tech guidance from the Aave side.

A solution based on depositing aONE by a recovery party to enable withdrawals, if trusting on the re-pegging of unbacked assets, is doable (even if not perfect, almost nothing is). Apart from that, there is not really much we can help with, as the execution of that action is kind of straightforward.

Regarding what was mentioned of the interest rate strategy of aLINK, we have supported the Aave Guardian on the technicalities of the replacement to reduce the rate, but the tech infrastructure of Harmony (even to approve Guardian transactions) is really fragile, which adds quite important problems of signing coordination.

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So what are next steps? Many people comment or complain, topics get closed but is there anything happening?


We need someone with enough AAVE to start a vote


Ok, how do we find this person?

BTW, imagine your bank refusing to help you with complaint because you don’t have enough money in the account :joy::sob:

I’m just dumbfounded that nobody at Harmony or AAVE is willing to stand up for those of use who lent out tokens to be borrowed and refuse to resolve this by liquidating all the borrowed assets. If this were a bank, they would have already gone after me for my house for not repaying my loans. How is this in the hands of an AAVE governance? Someone from AAVE should be driving the discussion on behalf of the loaners who lent out $1.3M worth of ONE.


My suggestion is to structure a proposal like any of the governance posts in this forum, the one you posted on earlier is a good example ([ARC] Repay excess debt in CRV market for Aave V2 ETH - #13 by P5555A).

Once you have a structured proposal that can outline the asks of the Aave community (a comment on this post is not enough), and the post you made earlier is not enough for a proposal IMO.

My final recommendation would be at the end of the post for a community member to delegate 50 AAVE to your wallet address so that you can submit a snapshot vote.

I look forward to your proposal.

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Well thats the centralized way. This is DeFi and you can look for people giving you voting power. Its not like that everyone in here is buying all these Aave. They are being delegates or try gather the voting power.