ARC: Harmony Recovery

You just need it to submit. So it’s just a proof. Nothing will disappear.

Agree, something have to be done!

We are all waiting for a solution, AVEE community is not helping, this case is amazing.
We provided our money inside this protocol that didn’t stop lending when the hacking happened…

Democracy today is being a millionaire in order to have the right to speak creating a vote. This system of governance has become crappier than the political one.

ok guys, i bought those 50 AAVE and staked its in the safety module lol. So let’s go we can submit a vote, but what’s the idea?

Or should we ask ChatGPT to find one? ><’


Harmony and the Recovery team are slowly buying back all the bad debt.

We should vote on either AAVE working alone or AAVE working with the Recovery team and Harmony to buy back our bad debt faster/immediately.

Similar to this proposal [ARFC] Repay Excess CRV Debt on Ethereum v2, where AAVE is working alone to buy back CRV debt.

Either way it seems Harmony and Recovery will eventually buy it up, but we would like to see action sooner rather than later.


So nice! someone who could help him/her??

Can we have some similar resolution as

It seems pretty clear that if AAVE was showing some interest on recovering the bad debt and helping on burning deppegged asset, they could benefit from some support from harmony. Could we please organize a vote…?

A vote about what? If our idea is not enough clear, people will reject it. what is the strategy? Vote to elect a representative who will have the mission to negotiate with the Harmony team for a ONE-AAVE solution? Or vote for an Aave-Aave recovery plan ?

Thank you for getting AAVE, wish I could do it but my bags aren’t heavy enough ':D

I think we need a proposal something like so:

AAVE on Harmony Recovery Plan
AAVE protocol is to spend all of Harmony’s rOne distributions and 50% of all AAVE treasury profits coming in to buy and replace collateral put in by AAVE users into AAVE on Harmony. (mostly ONE token and any other assets that were not depegged). Once collateral is fully replaced, AAVE is to liquidate bad debt and to turn on withdrawals for lenders. Lenders will now be able to withdraw all of their ONE (and any other assets stuck). After some period of time to allow for withdrawal only (1 month sounds sufficient), AAVE can reactivate full functionality (lending and borrowing), and AAVE on Harmony will be revived.

Any feedback folks? Am I missing anything important?


Sounds like a good proposal, just missing metrics, i.e. specific numbers.

Quote! it’s perfect!

I’m in favor of this. This is far better than anything we have seen thus far. Would like a rough timeline on the start of the buybacks. This will go a long way to getting support. I may have to pick up AAVE to support this as well… although I did see two account votes totaling 100k AAVE that voted to shut down the lending and borrowing. Seems like a monopoly in votes and could become problematic in getting a resolution. I’m surprised that the locked harmony doesn’t give voting power. Would seem the people “lending” have far more vested in this issue than those holding AAVE.


Hopefully soon, we’ve been stuck in limbo for months now. Literally

FYI Recovery ONE: Burn Phase - #151 by Pioneer - Ecosystem Resources - Harmony Community Forum

any update about proposal?

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Hey there
So, could you submit a proposal, please? Adjust my rough draft the way you see fit and go for it, even if it’s rejected we’ll finally get on AAVE’s radar.

too sad that Aave dont want to make any update after several months. I want my one’s outside this protocol

What is required to move on a liquidation of the outstanding loans? Need to start doing something for the locked ONE lenders. Come’on AAVE do something.

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