ARC: Harmony Recovery

AAVE can’t push all the blame to Harmony. It is their fault that assets depegged, but it is AAVE’s fault not liquidating bad loans in time.
And now everyone hand waives “well we’re a DAO, not centralized, so we’re not responsible” lol
Since this debacle, I haven’t used AAVE on other chains, and at this rate never will, as there is nothing to trust in. I hope everyone follows suit.

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Does AAVE plan to take part in recovery and exchange 1USDC for USDS?

Are there any news or update? Thank you


As asked. any update to a solution? Or is this a dead end for all who are left holding a bag?


Still no updates afaik.

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Still waiting for some resolution regarding locked funds

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Same here, it would be nice if bgdlabs could provide some updates.

Any update about my frozen ONE? why aave dont unlock my one? this is bad publicity for aave.


Guys, ONE team is useless as possible. We have to turn to AAVE community to resolve this issue. At first, did anyone has 50 Aave to submit a snapshot vote?


We need 50 aave? its a disaster aave not doing anything to unfrozen one

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aave is decentralized so nobody will do anything if we don’t do it by ourselves ! Yes, we need 50 AAVE !


Haha, 50 AAVE is $4220 as of today. That’s quite a chunk. Does it disappear after proposal is submitted or do you get it back?

You just need it to submit. So it’s just a proof. Nothing will disappear.

Agree, something have to be done!

We are all waiting for a solution, AVEE community is not helping, this case is amazing.
We provided our money inside this protocol that didn’t stop lending when the hacking happened…

Democracy today is being a millionaire in order to have the right to speak creating a vote. This system of governance has become crappier than the political one.

ok guys, i bought those 50 AAVE and staked its in the safety module lol. So let’s go we can submit a vote, but what’s the idea?

Or should we ask ChatGPT to find one? ><’

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Harmony and the Recovery team are slowly buying back all the bad debt.

We should vote on either AAVE working alone or AAVE working with the Recovery team and Harmony to buy back our bad debt faster/immediately.

Similar to this proposal [ARFC] Repay Excess CRV Debt on Ethereum v2, where AAVE is working alone to buy back CRV debt.

Either way it seems Harmony and Recovery will eventually buy it up, but we would like to see action sooner rather than later.


So nice! someone who could help him/her??