[ARC] - Integrate Coin98 Wallet into the Aave app


Coin98 Wallet is non-custodial, multichain wallet that has over 6 million users globally, and available on both mobile and extension.

More information regarding Coin98 Wallet can be found here: Coin98 | Twitter, Facebook | Linktree

[Proposed integration]

We are requesting the integration of Coin98 Wallet into the Aave App to allow Coin98 users an easy and convenient way to access Aave right within Coin98 mobile app. The changes required minimum effort from the Aave team, and the code changes have been submitted in a Pull Request on GitHub.

[Current and proposed integration of Aave in the Entity ecosystem]

Once the integration is complete, we will support Aave as a default DApp in DApp store and browser. Aave app will be highlighted in the section of “Lending & Borrowing” as being one of the best. There is also co-marketing opportunity post integration to benefit both parties.

[Technical integration]

The link to the PR can be found here Add Coin98 Wallet by khiemsoft · Pull Request #1276 · aave/interface · GitHub

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