Aave Mobile App

Aave Mobile App

Hello, Aave community! :raised_back_of_hand: We are a team of 3 developers and we want to share our passion for creating amazing things for amazing people by creating the mobile app that Aave needs.


We want to make a mobile app for Aave protocol on Polygon. The code will be public and there will be 6 milestones, one milestone per month:

Milestone 1: Launch Aave app where you can connect your wallet and see your assets in your wallet, your asset in reserves, your loans, and your health factor.

Milestone 2: Show useful Aave market data across the app. There are a couple of places where we have to show it: On the initial screen before you connect your wallet. And on screens for lending, borrowing and paying debts.

Milestone 3: Add the ability to lend, borrow, and pay debts on the app.

Milestone 4: Add a notification system for health factor.

Milestone 5 y 6: They will be used to finish any loose ends and improve any previous feature that the community suggests to us, let’s build it together!

Current Progress :nerd_face:

We have been reading Aave documentation, writing code using expo, doing tests in device android and IOS, and connecting to blockchain since a few months ago.

Now we have an app where you can:

  • Connect your wallet

  • See your balance on Matic.

  • See your total collateral.

  • See your total borrowing.

  • See your health factor.

  • See the balances of your tokens.

  • And finally, you can see we have progress on the UI.

Here you have a little video with our current progress! (on iOS)


You can try it yourself by following these steps on Android

  1. Install Metamask, set up it, and add Polygon Testnet (Mumbai).



  1. Download expo app, and open it


  1. On expo app, press on scan QR code, and scan the QR code here:


  1. Enjoy the tour. Keep in mind this is an early version and it only works on Mumbai (Polygon Testnet), you have to be sure Metamask is connected to Mumbai before connecting it to our app. We are working on adding Polygon Mainnet support and improving the experience!

To try it on iOS it is a bit more complicated because we must use Testflight. We will enable it soon.

Why should you support us? :muscle:

  • We won’t ask for money upfront.

  • Code will be public.

  • We aren’t an anonymous team.

  • For two of us it won’t be a side project, but our full-time job. We are taking this very seriously!

  • We’ll bring updates on a weekly basis.

  • We’ll release the first version of the app to App Store and Play Store in the first month!


I support it! The previous project wasn’t executed, so let’s push it together to the final line!

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wow great demo btw. It looks super interesting!! Looking forward the real thing


This is something I would use everyday!


+1 have worked with a member of the team in past and have full confidence this will be executed great by them!


I can see there is a similar thread about a similar app, I’m wondering what happened to that previous project?

Any way, I tried the app following the steps and it looks so amazing! I really like that you guys has already progress and that you aren’t asking for money upfront.

I totally support it! :fire::fire::fire:

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yeah, we talked with Shreyas and seems like that project never was executed, that’s why we’re doing this. Thank you for your support! I’m glad you were able to try the app.

thanks! We really appreciate your support!

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