[ARC] - Integrate Infinity Wallet Connect into the Aave app


Infinity Wallet is the first desktop non-browser-extension DeFi & Web3 wallet, supporting over 150,000 users and used to secure over $400,000,000 of digital assets.

More information regarding the Infinity Wallet can be found below:

[Proposed integration]

We are requesting the integration of Infinity Wallet into the Aave App to allow for easier onboarding of users to Aave with the Infinity Wallet. The changes required only affect the Aave Connect Module, and the code changes have been submitted in a Pull Request on GitHub.

[Current and proposed integration of Aave in the Entity ecosystem]

We have already added support for Aave as a default DApp in the Infinity Wallet Browser-less DApps & Web3 feature. By complementing the integration on your side through adding our connector, this will allow our users to easily discover and 1-click connect to Aave directly within the Infinity Wallet. Providing a wide range of benefits to both Aave and users alike.

[Technical integration]

The link to the PR can be found here Add Infinity Wallet Connector by InfinityWallet · Pull Request #901 · aave/interface · GitHub


Hi, i havent heard of your wallet yet, but im a fan of as many integrations as possible. It seems like you have quite a big fanbase using your product and hopefully Aave. Thats why i think a native integration into the Connect module only makes sense. It doesn’t affect the security protocol so should be easy to implement and benefit both.

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Why don’t you just add support for WalletConnect, which Aave already supports as a wallet type, and is a generic industry standard way of connecting dapps to wallets, such as Infinity?

Infinity Wallet is not like other wallets, we provide a full experience directly within the wallet on desktop, removing the need to use a browser! With our connector users can click Aave in the Infinity Wallet and instantly connect, providing a full new user experience with a wide range of advantages, allowing for easier usage and adoption.

I disagree with that statement. It does not follow any established standard but relies on a custom connector. That’s why for the decentralized interface it means slightly bigger bundle size and a dependency on a package first released two months ago, with zero usage. Every dependency is an additional risk.

To be fair there are other custom connectors, who don’t follow standards, but most of them tried & got implemented in web3-react/packages at v6 · Uniswap/web3-react · GitHub which is the react library most dapp interfaces rely on.

The wallet is closed source, and it’s not listed on ethereum.org as it didn’t pass the security audit requirement Add Infinity Wallet to Ethereum Wallets · Issue #1483 · ethereum/ethereum-org-website · GitHub - the only app i could find with an integration is venus-defi on BNB chain.

Would give it some time to mature, before integrating it into the decentralized aave interface ( i assume users can already use it with aave via the chrome extension if they wanted to ).

Oh i wasn’t aware of that. Thats the point where im lacking technical knowledge.
Thanks for the clarification :) :sweat_smile:

Infinity Wallet is not a Chrome extension, it is a full desktop application. Allowing users to connect with DApps from directly within the wallet, without needing to use an external browser. Infinity Wallet has been around for 2 years and has hundreds of thousands of users, and we only recently released our connector which has over 400+ installs.

Regarding the Ethereum application which we had totally forgotten about due to the delay in reply and lack of notification, there has never been any mention of not passing a security audit requirement!

Additionally, I would like to mention that your attempt to troll us on other forums that we are participating in does not show confidence in the feedback you have provided here.

I’m aware. Actually downloaded infinity-wallet and am not opposed of adding it at a later point. Just thought there was also a chrome extension as my google search returned one ppl could use in the meantime. Just had a closer look and while the name is infinity wallet in the app store in fact it seems to be sth different. Thus the confusion.

So has there been an audit? I mean they say “to be listed you need an audit” to which there is an answer, but again not supplying an audit. Then they ask another time and the discussion went silent. Not saying this is intentional - no-one cares if you’re listed there or not, just wondering if there is any public audit report.

Not trying to troll you. Stumbled over the optimism chat as it was quite big on my twitter yesterday when I tried to figure out where the wallet is currently supported.