[ARC] Proposal for Financial Reports with hyper-granularity

Hi community, this is Zoe from Unboxing Labs.

We aim to provide accurate, hyper-granular, and interpretable financial reports for Web3 DAOs so that Web3 finance doesn’t remain as an uninterpretable area.

We first unboxed BendDAO ( [Final] Unboxing BendDAO #06 - Full Financial Statements ) and being very satisfied, they recently announced us to be their official contributor for their financial reports.

I’ve heard that @Llamaxyz will soon no longer be providing the financial reports, so was wondering if the Aave community would want us to provide those financial reports instead which will be in much more depth as those in traditional finance. Please feel free to comment here or email me (zoe@contxts.io) for more info or idea.

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Interesting proposal @zoebringsjoy and fascinating platform you built for BendDAO. I definitely agree that the more realtime reporting we can get on the DAO’s financial position, the better.

What would something like this cost Aave to move forward with? Have you already been in contact with the Grants DAO for potential funding?

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Yes, this seems to be a good fit for the grants program!

You may fill out an application here.

Good luck!


Hi @zoebringsjoy - thanks for the comment; it’s always exciting to see more contributors enter the Aave ecosystem. To clarify, Llama is still working on financial reports for Aave and plans to continue doing so.

You can find links to our previous reporting below:


Having multiple oracles for financial reports offers resilience and ease of audibility for those who are not versed with cross verifying data onchain, at the same time it’s a double expense for the DAO. Have we considered RFP rounds for these types of services in the past?