[ARC] Whitelist Balancer’s Liquidity Mining Claim

Title: [ARC] Whitelist Balancer’s Liquidity Mining Claim
Status: Proposed
Author: @Llamaxyz @MatthewGraham
Created: 09-09-2022

Simple Summary

This proposal enables Balancer DAO to retrieve the stkAAVE Liquidity Mining incentives distributed to Linear Pools in the Balancer Boosted Aave Pool.


Balancer DAO seeks to retrieve around 1,500 stkAAVE from several Linear Pools. Balancer DAO accrued this stkAAVE after it deposited liquidity into Aave while Liquidity Mining incentives were being distributed, [1,2].

The Linear Pool’s contract addresses are not capable of recovering or managing the receipt of stkAAVE tokens. As a result, governance intervention is required to change the contract address which can call and receive the stkAAVE.

The proposal is to implement the changes required to enable Balancer DAO to retrieve the stkaAAVE from the Linear Pools within the Balancer Boosted Aave Pool.


Three Linear Pools within the Balancer Boosted Aave Pool have accrued around 1,500 stkAAVE from Liquidity Mining rewards, [3].

The Linear Pools are unable to call getUnclaimedRewards with 0xba12222222228d8ba445958a75a0704d566bf2c8 from the below contracts:

  • 0x02d60b84491589974263d922d9cc7a3152618ef6
  • 0xd093fa4fb80d09bb30817fdcd442d4d02ed3e5de
  • 0xf8fd466f12e236f4c96f7cce6c79eadb819abf58

The Linear Pool holds the aTokens and receives the stkAAVE liquidity mining rewards but can not call the claimRewards function or manage any stkAAVE if it was received.

Aave enables other addresses to claim on behalf of smart contracts using the claimOnBehalfOf function. In order to do this, a specified address must be declared the valid owner of the contract.


Set Balancer contract 0x10a19e7ee7d7f8a52822f6817de8ea18204f2e4f as the claimer in the incentives controller contract, [4].


Call setClaimer() for Balancer contracts on INCENTIVES_CONTROLLER_PROXY_ADDRESS

Balancer DAI-aDAI Linear Pool

InitializableAdminUpgradeabilityProxy | Address 0x02d60b84491589974263d922d9cc7a3152618ef6 | Etherscan

Balancer USDC-aUSDC Linear Pool

InitializableAdminUpgradeabilityProxy | Address 0xd093fa4fb80d09bb30817fdcd442d4d02ed3e5de | Etherscan

Balancer USDT-aUSDT Linear Pool

InitializableAdminUpgradeabilityProxy | Address 0xf8fd466f12e236f4c96f7cce6c79eadb819abf58 | Etherscan

Incentives Controller Proxy:

Aave: Incentives Controller | Address 0xd784927Ff2f95ba542BfC824c8a8a98F3495f6b5 | Etherscan


[1] https://docs.balancer.fi/products/balancer-pools/boosted-pools#linear-pools
[2] ARC - Continue Liquidity Mining Program on Aave V2 Ethereum market and Introduce Liquidity Mining on Aave ARC market
[3] https://app.balancer.fi/#/pool/0x7b50775383d3d6f0215a8f290f2c9e2eebbeceb20000000000000000000000fe
[4] Balancer: DAO Multisig | Address 0x10a19e7ee7d7f8a52822f6817de8ea18204f2e4f | Etherscan


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Huge thank you to Matt and Llama for spearheading this effort on behalf of Balancer DAO!


I fully agree with Solar and think that the proposal is great!