Are the Aave V3 contracts backwards compatible with the Aave V2 contracts?

Hi, I’m a developer building a project that plugs into Aave. I’ve been in the V2 codebase a lot and poking around the V3 codebase. I see that in the V3 pool contract, there are some functions that are left in (ie. deposit) to add backwards compatibility with V2.

So I’m wondering, if I’ve build my DAPP with V2 assumptions in mind, do those hold for V3? Specifically, can I call the same functions to interact with the lending pool, and can I expect that aTokens grow in value naturally in users wallets over time as interest is added, never decreasing (in the event of any non exploit).

Also, if there are any other concerns any of yall know of I should be thinking about when plugging in my DAPP build for V2 into V3, please let me know!