Accidental Funds Sent to Aave: Pool V3 Contract

Hello Aave Community,

As a longtime user of the Aave app, I am reaching out to you today with a plea for assistance. I have made a grave mistake that has led to the accidental loss of my funds.

Here’s what happened: In a moment of rush and carelessness, I mistakenly sent a substantial amount of funds (42,000 USDC :smiling_face_with_tear:) directly to the Aave smart contract address instead of my own wallet.

I am hoping that someone within AAVE team might have a potential solution, as you previously recovered the funds from the Aave: Pool V3 contract deployed on the Avalanche network.

Thank you all for your time, and I genuinely appreciate any assistance or support you can provide to point me in the right direction.

i guess your best chance is to wait for phase 3. But there is no timeline, could be weeks away or years, as it is no top priority topic.

The only fastway would be by creating a proposal on this forum but you would need Aave token (80k) to create something and gather the community. Should be well written otherwise people won’t read it.
But check out the link i mentioned first.


From what I can understand in Platypus’ funds rescue prop, it was necessary to deploy a recovery contract, subject to governance voting which will grant the recovery contract the Pool_Admin role access. Given my ~0 expertise in developing and auditing smart contracts, unfortunately, I am not able to execute all the technical requirements.

But an even bigger hurdle is that I am not able to collect 80k AAVE, as I don’t have enough funds for that.

Also thank you for mentioning the BGD rescue plan. There were no updates since the execution of Phase 1, but I really hope Phases 2 & 3 remain in force

Since this involves USDC issued by Circle, you could reach out to Circle directly if they can blacklist and remint your tokens to a new wallet, since their token contract has that function.

No guarantee they’ll assist, but attaching this public post may help, all the best anon!

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Referring to the similar issue Circle only restores USDC tokens on the mainnet. Although I still mailed them, I have little hope their response will differ from many other such cases