[ARFC] Add ARB to Arbitrum Aave v3

Title: [ARFC] Add ARB to Arbitrum Aave v3
Author: @fig Flipside Crypto
Created : 05/26/2023

This proposal is the next step to add ARB to Aave v3 on Arbitrum.


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Following the successful TEMP CHECK to add Aave v3 on Arbitrum, this proposal progresses the asset listing to the next stage in the Governance cycle, incorporating parameters provided by Risk Managers.


Adding support for ARB in Arbitrum v3 pools adds greater TVL and user experience to the increasingly popular Aave v3 Arbitrum market - and additional revenue opportunities for Aave.

By enabling borrowing, it allows users and institutions to take a unique position on this Governance token as the network matures and builds a decentralized community.

Furthermore, it more closely aligns the Aave community with Arbitrum and, by extension, Ethereum.

Additionally, it allows for creative uses of ARB received by the DAO to seed initial liquidity.


ARB may be listed with the following risk parameters:

Parameter Value
Isolation Mode Yes
Borrowable Yes
Collateral Enabled Yes
Supply Cap (ARB) 20M
Borrow Cap (ARB) 16.5M
Debt Ceiling $14M
LTV 50.00%
LT 60.00%
Liquidation Bonus 10.00%
Liquidation Protocol Fee 10.00%
Reserve Factor 20.00%
Variable Base 0.00%
Variable Slope1 7.00%
Variable Slope2 300.00%
Uoptimal 45%
Stable Borrowing Disabled

Thank you to both @ChaosLabs and @Gauntlet for delivering speedy recommendations.


The information provided above about ARB is from public sources and Flipside Crypto cannot guarantee that it is or will stay accurate.

The Arbitrum Foundation or Offchain Labs has not compensated Flipside to create this proposal and we are doing this because we believe that the deployment would be in the best interest of the Aave.

This ARFC has been prepared solely to promote further discussion, evaluate presented risk parameters, and finalize the proposal before heading to the AIP stage.

Next Steps

ARFC: Temperature Check Snapshot indicated positive sentiment; now proceeding to the ARFC stage for further discussion, risk parameter evaluation, and finalization of the proposal.

AIP: If the ARFC stage Snapshot is successful, submit the proposal as an AIP for voting and on-chain governance approval.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


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