[ARFC] Expansion of "Orbit" - A DAO Funded Delegate Platform Initiative

Proposal updated to highlight short-list of selected delegated for the quarter

Second update to adjust recipient addresses of Stable Labs & LBS at their request.

Title: [ARFC] Expansion of “Orbit” - A DAO Funded Delegate Platform Initiative

Author: Marc Zeller @marczeller - Aave Chan Initiative

Date: 2023-09-07


This ARFC proposes the expansion of the “Orbit” delegate platform initiative, transitioning it from being funded by the Aave-Chan Initiative (ACI) to being funded by the Aave DAO. The goal is to enhance the sustainability and independence of the program, ensuring continued support for active delegates in the Aave community.


The pilot phase of Orbit, funded by ACI, has been a success in its first quarter. Recognizing its positive impact, there’s a need to expand and generalize the program, ensuring its longevity and alignment with the broader Aave community goals.


The proposed funding for the Orbit initiative remains at $5,000 per month, with payments to be made in GHO stablecoin. Orbit operates on a quarterly basis, with eligibility criteria defined for each quarter.

For the upcoming quarter, the eligibility criteria will mirror that of the [ARFC] Quarterly Gas Rebate Distribution - August 2023. In subsequent quarters, a threshold of voting power and diversity of delegation will be introduced to ensure the program’s integrity and to prevent potential abuse. To fund the Orbit initiative, stablecoins from the Aave DAO treasury will be used to purchase GHO on secondary markets, which is expected to have a minor positive effect on the GHO peg.

Eligible Delegates:

Delegate Name Address Participation Rate
StableLab 0xea172676e4105e92cc52dbf45fd93b274ec96676 100.0%
ACI 0x329c54289ff5d6b7b7dae13592c6b1eda1543ed4 94.67%
Wintermute 0xb933aee47c438f22de0747d57fc239fe37878dd1 93.33%
Keyrock 0x1855f41b8a86e701e33199de7c25d3e3830698ba 93.33%
LBS Blockchain 0xb83b3e9c8e3393889afb272d354a7a3bd1fbcf5c 86.67%
HKUST 0xe4594a66d9507ffc0d4335cc240bd61c1173e666 78.67%
Michigan 0x13bdae8c5f0fc40231f0e6a4ad70196f59138548 73.33%
NewTokenLogic 0x2cc1ade245020fc5aae66ad443e1f66e01c54df1 32.0%*

Note: Tokenlogic transitioned from an old to a new delegate address during last quarter, their cumulative score considering both addresses is matching other delegates scores

Recipient Delegates

here’s the list of delegates accepting participation in Orbit. for the next quarter

Delegate Name Address Budget
StableLab 0x9c489E4efba90A67299C1097a8628e233C33BB7B 15.000 GHO
Keyrock 0x1855f41b8a86e701e33199de7c25d3e3830698ba 15.000 GHO
LBS Blockchain 0xb5d08b1fDb70aE0Da7e07D201D4D8ffcA9d24dc1 15.000 GHO
HKUST 0xe4594a66d9507ffc0d4335cc240bd61c1173e666 15.000 GHO
Michigan 0x13bdae8c5f0fc40231f0e6a4ad70196f59138548 15.000 GHO
Total Budget 75.000 GHO


If this ARFC gets governance support, the implementation will consolidate some Aave DAO treasury stablecoin holdings to acquire GHO on secondary markets. Subsequently, a new set of streams of 15,000 GHO will be created to the eligible delegates’ addresses for a period of 90 days.


The Aave Chan Initiative is not affiliated with or paid by any third parties to publish this ARFC.

Next Steps:

  1. Gather community feedback on this ARFC.
  2. If consensus is reached, escalate this proposal to the ARFC Snapshot stage.
  3. If ARFC snapshot outcome is YAE, escalate to AIP stage.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.



As the ACI and matching our previous positions on the topic, while being eligible as delegates,

We intentionally stay out of the Orbit program due to our position as service providers for the DAO.

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Glad to see this is being transitioned to a DAO-owned program.

Part of the issue with the past program was it was discretionary in which delegates were included.
The selected group and consideration process was opaque without much DAO insight.

This seems to be a positive change with the right amount of collaboration.

While this list rewards those who are most active in voting, it seems to ignore other community members focused on driving change and high impact. Is voting the only metric for contribution?

If so, is it cumulative voting participation? Or quarterly, enabling resets?

And, what do you mean by the quote below – speaking to future iterations:

Sounds like this may be the amount of unique delegators – or is this something else?

It feels worth more clearly outlining the criteria so teams may better achieve these results. We’re eager to see this to becoming a more distributed program and more fairly rewarding delegates.

Also, how is best to evaluate delegates who are currently up for a Service Provider proposal?


Hi @MarcZeller,

This is a great initiative from ACI. We are supportive of having a critical mass of delegates within the ecosystem and we encourage all present and future Service Providers to be active governance participants.

Having not received any funding from the Orbit program to date, we intend to continue not receiving funding from the Orbit program for the foreseeable future. We would encourage other prospective Service Providers to adopt the same approach.

Nice work @Kene_StableLab and the StableLab team - 100% is impressive, well done.


Thanks for expanding this initiative @MarcZeller. We believe it will embrace more participation especially from “smaller” entities which is will be positive.

If we receive GHO from the DAO as part of the Orbit program, we commit to deploy transparently in liquidity pools to further boost liquidity of GHO.

Open to align with the potential Liquidity committee where should those funds be deployed. @TokenLogic @Dydymoon

Curious to learn more about the approach that will be taken here. There are ways to game the system but also is it fair if let’s say minimum voting power is defined as 30K AAVE? That would distribute the funds to only very few selective entities.

Depending on the stream value, it could be that someone creates a delta-neutral exposure based on the threshold → becomes a delegate, receive the orbit funding and then make the spread of the funding - funding fees on shorting.

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We are honoured to be considered as an eligible delegate for the expansion of Orbit, and a big congrats to all other qualified delegates!

However, we will humbly decline our portion of GHO rewards and request that our share of rewards be retained for the next quarter to continue supporting Orbit to promote delegate diversity and inclusion.

Thanks @MarcZeller


From my point of view, we should have a high voting power as a minimum.

About this, I think that the main task for a Delegate is representing the people that delegated the votes to the platform (I imagine them as political parties), this is why high participation on voting is required. However it’s very hard to mesure the impact of a Delegate if it’s not vote-based, do you have any ideas?

Disclaimer: This is my own POV and not ACI’s


Proposal escalated to the snapshot stage.

voting starts tomorrow


as this AIP is about to be escalated to AIP stage, we request @HKUST_EPI_BLOCKCHAIN to confirm 0xE4594A66d9507fFc0d4335CC240BD61C1173E666 is a suitable address to receive their Orbit compensation.

The AIP was successfully executed.

Congrats to All Orbit Grant recipients.

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