[ARFC] Quarterly Gas Rebate Distribution - August 2023

Data updated to cover the full quarter

Title: [ARFC] Quarterly Gas Rebate Distribution - August 2023
Author: Marc Zeller (@marczeller) - Aave Chan Initiative (ACI)
Date: 2023-08-29


This ARFC proposes the quarterly gas rebate distribution for recognized delegates. The distribution aims to reimburse the gas costs incurred by delegates during their participation in Aave governance.


Recognized delegates play a crucial role in Aave governance by actively participating in proposal discussions, voting, and other governance activities. These activities often involve gas costs, especially when interacting with the Ethereum network. The Aave community established a quarterly gas rebate distribution to incentivize and support their continued participation.


The following table provides a breakdown of the total gas used by each recognized delegate and the corresponding ETH amount to be distributed:

Name Total Gas Spent
ACI 1.35
HKTrust 0.07
TokenLogic 0.50
michigan 0.11
LBS Blockchain 0.18
Wintermute 0.15
keyrock 0.14
Stablelab 0.20
Total ETH 2.7 ETH


  1. @Alice forked and edited the flipside script to improve it & increase accuracy to track voting participation. here’s the new script : https://dune.com/queries/2970451
  2. The voting requirement was lowered to 70% from 80% to include Michigan & HKUST. Ideally, all recognized delegates would maintain an 80% participation rate. However, considering the summer break and the involvement of student delegates, a more lenient approach was adopted this quarter.
  3. The script was updated to track better gas spent by Gnosis Safes, benefiting both TokenLogic & HKUST. This improvement was a joint effort by @JosepBove & @MarcZeller.
    the output of the script can be seen here
    just like last quarter, amounts have been rounded strictly up to the second decimal place for more straightforward AIP implementation.
  4. Some delegates, including ACI & Tokenlogic, are transitioning from old addresses to new ones. This transition was considered when determining eligibility for the rebate.
  5. Proposal creation & execution expenses were covered. Service providers interested in having their costs covered can discuss this in this thread. Payload deployments are not covered this quarter due to technical reasons.
  6. Instead of wETH, it is proposed to distribute ETH directly this quarter for ease of use for all delegates.


This proposal is powered by Skyward. The Aave Chan Initiative is not affiliated with or paid by any third parties to publish this ARFC.

Next Steps:

  1. Gather community feedback on this ARFC.
  2. If consensus is reached, escalate this proposal to the ARFC Snapshot stage.
  3. If ARFC snapshot outcome is YAE, escalate to AIP stage.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


We’re supportive of lowering the participation rate to 70 % due to the reasons mentioned by @MarcZeller.

As this proposal has to do with participation of delegates (which we would like to see more overall) - we would like to ask what is the blocker for delegates to maintain 70-80% or more in participation rates?

Load of proposals?
Timezone Issues?
Votes starting on Fridays?

The DAO has been operating quite good but we believe there should be more participation. In order to achieve that, feedback from the less active delegates would be great!


Thank you for preparing this proposal @MarcZeller.

Adjusting from 80% to 70% is a welcomed amendment.

It is great to see @Alice building on the earlier work by Flipside and the script improvements by @JosepBove & @MarcZeller.


We now have a full quarter to track for this quarterly gas rebate distribution,

Here’s some data:

Block range:

From block 17427160 (immediately after the last quarter) to block 18040578.

Address considered

  • All addresses with a delegate platform, regardless of voting power.
Name Address
ACI 0x329c54289ff5d6b7b7dae13592c6b1eda1543ed4
Flipside 0x62a43123FE71f9764f26554b3F5017627996816a
Michigan 0x13BDaE8c5F0fC40231F0E6A4ad70196F59138548
LBS Blockchain 0xB83b3e9C8E3393889Afb272D354A7a3Bd1Fbcf5C
Wintermute 0xB933AEe47C438f22DE0747D57fc239FE37878Dd1
Keyrock 0x1855f41B8A86e701E33199DE7C25d3e3830698ba
StableLab 0xea172676E4105e92Cc52DBf45fD93b274eC96676
oldTokenLogic 0xA06c2e5BB33cd6718b08EC9335081Cbba62861f7
NewTokenLogic 0x2cc1ADE245020FC5AAE66Ad443e1F66e01c54Df1
OnChainCoop 0xb0aeC0a9546dEf648304A203B5923241578DFE25
DAOStewards 0x8872fd5F66728Fc7cF01898199e162ee26f47BA8
Curia 0x17296956b4E07Ff8931E4ff4eA06709FaB70b879
HKUST 0xE4594A66d9507fFc0d4335CC240BD61C1173E666
Blockchain@Columbia 0xdC1F98682F4F8a5c6d54F345F448437b83f5E432
BristolBlockchain 0x43D3938Ebd74106e2d177f9A304C1E9f914f2b52
Blockworkresearch 0xA5dF0cf3F95C6cd97d998b9D990a86864095d9b0
Lucasvo.eth 0x732a4B05C31da514e30411d79E3E17624579B848

voting data results


As a table:

Name Address Votes Cast Participation Rate Total Votes
StableLab 0xea172676e4105e92cc52dbf45fd93b274ec96676 75 100.0% 75
ACI 0x329c54289ff5d6b7b7dae13592c6b1eda1543ed4 71 94.67% 75
Wintermute 0xb933aee47c438f22de0747d57fc239fe37878dd1 70 93.33% 75
Keyrock 0x1855f41b8a86e701e33199de7c25d3e3830698ba 70 93.33% 75
LBS Blockchain 0xb83b3e9c8e3393889afb272d354a7a3bd1fbcf5c 65 86.67% 75
HKUST 0xe4594a66d9507ffc0d4335cc240bd61c1173e666 59 78.67% 75
Michigan 0x13bdae8c5f0fc40231f0e6a4ad70196f59138548 55 73.33% 75
oldTokenLogic 0xa06c2e5bb33cd6718b08ec9335081cbba62861f7 39 52.0% 75
Flipside 0x62a43123fe71f9764f26554b3f5017627996816a 36 48.0% 75
NewTokenLogic 0x2cc1ade245020fc5aae66ad443e1f66e01c54df1 24 32.0% 75
Lucasvo.eth 0x732a4b05c31da514e30411d79e3e17624579b848 10 13.33% 75
Blockchain@Columbia 0xdc1f98682f4f8a5c6d54f345f448437b83f5e432 2 2.67% 75
BristolBlockchain 0x43d3938ebd74106e2d177f9a304c1e9f914f2b52 1 1.33% 75
DAOStewards 0x8872fd5F66728Fc7cF01898199e162ee26f47BA8 0 0% 75
Curia 0x17296956b4E07Ff8931E4ff4eA06709FaB70b879 0 0% 75
Blockworkresearch 0xA5dF0cf3F95C6cd97d998b9D990a86864095d9b0 0 0% 75

Key Takeaways

  1. A huge shoutout to @Kene_StableLab for achieving a flawless voting score of 100%.
  2. The Aave DAO boasts an impressively active community, with notable mentions including @Callen_Wintermute, @0xkeyrock.eth, @lbsblockchain, and several others. (@TokenLogic migration to a new multisig might make them appear less active than they are, make no mistake they’re ranking among the best considering both addresses)
  3. On the flip side, we’ve identified a few “zombie delegators” - delegate platforms that remained inactive throughout the quarter. This includes platforms with less than 3% participation rate and those that voted in fewer than half of the AIPs.

We hope this data proves valuable to the community as they make informed decisions about their delegate choices.


Proposal escalated to AIP stage,

voting starts tomorrow.

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