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Hello frens!

We do hope that you had a great Easter and a long weekend.

Now it’s time to take a look back to March 2024 as well as Q1 2024, for you to have the monthly report, and ACI governance actiivty!

March 2024 Report

Let’s dive in!

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If we compare March with February, we observe that there’s been an overall increase in governance activity, mainly in TEMP CHECK and ARFC, that will translate respectively in an increase of ARFC and ARFC Snapshots during April.

There was a total of 13 TEMP CHECK, 7 TEMP CHECK Snapshots, 33 ARFC on Forum, 21 ARFC Snapshot, and 21 AIP.

If we take a look on all Q1 2024:

Captura de pantalla 2024-04-02 a las 9.38.26

In this image we can clearly appreciate the overall increase in TEMP CHECK(13) and ARFC (33), while Snapshots maintain the average amount, as well as AIP.

A summary of the most relevant proposals to point out, as well as actions are:

One of the biggest action was Merit Airdrop being live, first for WETH borrowers, where 280 WETH were airdropped, and then to GHO borrowers and stkGHO stakers, with 1M$.

Some press about Merit last week:

If you haven’t claimed yet or check if you did get rewards, you can do so at aavechan.com/claim.

You can of course get into much more detail in March 2024 Report

That’s all for now, thank you for delegating into Aave Chan Initiative (ACI) and stay tuned for more updates!