[ARFC] Treasury Manage - GHO Liquidity Committee

title: [ARFC] Treasury Manage - GHO Liquidity Committee
Author: @TokenLogic
Dated: 2023-09-22


This publication proposes creating and funding the GHO Liquidity Committee for an initial 3 month duration.


Following on from a success TEMP CHECK, this publication progresses the creation of the GHO Liquidity Committee to the next step of the Aave governance process.

Details relating to the committee are shown below:

Further to the initial proposal GHO Liquidity Strategy, we are revising the Uniswap v3 strategy to include Sommelier’s Turbo GHO Vault which actively manages liquidity in the GHO/USDC pool. This amendment will enable the LMC to allocate incentives to the Turbo GHO Vault without increasing the overall budget. The Sommelier team will be co-incentivising the Turbo GHO Vault.


A Gnosis SAFE will be created and used to manage the GHO budget. The SAFE Signers are detailed below.

Signer Address
Matthew Graham (TokenLogic) 0xb647055A9915bF9c8021a684E175A353525b9890
Dydymoon (TokenLogic) 0xAFe4043c9FFd31753c5bE2B76dfc45AaA70ebD6f
Emilio (Aave Companies) 0x9C3E82658d10064121048A21c69978D3400abb25
Marc (Aave Chan Initiative) 0x329c54289Ff5D6B7b7daE13592C6B1EDA1543eD4
Figue (Paladin) 0x009d13E9bEC94Bf16791098CE4E5C168D27A9f07
Solarcurve (Balancer) 0x512fce9B07Ce64590849115EE6B32fd40eC0f5F3
TokenBrice (DeFi Collective) 0xAA7A9d80971E58641442774C373C94AaFee87d66

To fund the multisig, the following assets within the Treasury are to be swapped to GHO:

5 ETH and 406,000 units GHO are to be transferred from the Treasury to the Liquidity Committee multisig.

Address: eth: 0x205e795336610f5131Be52F09218AF19f0f3eC60


TokenLogic receives no payment from beyond Aave protocol for the creation of this proposal. TokenLogic is a delegate within the Aave ecosystem.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


We would like to extend our appreciation to @TokenLogic and the GHO Liquidity Committee for the decision to incorporate the Sommelier Turbo GHO vault into the GHO liquidity strategy.

We look forward to contributing our insights and expertise, working collaboratively to enhance GHO liquidity and effectively restore the GHO peg.

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Hi Everyone,

This proposal is now with @bgdlabs developing for review. The payload can be found here.

TokenLogic - @MatthewGraham & @defijesus.

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