BGD. Technical maintenance proposals

Deprecate REP/ETH price feed on Aave v1


Replace the existing REP/ETH price feed by Chainlink on Aave v1 Ethereum with a fixed price adapter.


The REP asset listed on Aave 1 Ethereum is a legacy one, that long time ago has suffered a token migration.

With a total supply of this legacy REP on Aave v1 of less than $100, Chainlink is looking to shut down the REP/ETH price feed, but this can only be done if Aave stops using it.

Consequently, given the size of the asset and that factually is off-boarded (frozen), we propose to replace the Chainlink price feed with an ad-hoc one that will return a constant value: the average price of the token for the period from 01/09/2023 till 31/10/2023.


Average REP price to use: 0.0004625695693 ETH


  • call IAaveOracle(AAVE_V1_ORACLE).setAssetSources([0x1985365e9f78359a9B6AD760e32412f4a445E862], [0xc7751400F809cdB0C167F87985083C558a0610F7]) to replace the price feed of the REP on the Aave v1 Ethereum Pool.