Karpatkey Delegate Platform

Voting Actions - November 27th – December 1st

Proposal: [ARFC] Update the Asset Onboarding Framework
Note: Yae
Reasoning: We support this framework as it proposes a faster onboarding process without giving up proper risk assessment of this listing in a new market.

Proposal: [TEMP CHECK] onboard osETH to Aave v3 on Ethereum pool
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: osETH has an interesting value proposition, as the brand-new StakeWise V3 allows solo stakers to mint osETH against their own nodes. We support this temp check as this is a new type of LST that AAVE can benefit from.

Proposal: [TEMP CHECK] Add EURC to Avalanche Aave V3
Vote: Nay
Reasoning: There is only 2.6m EURC on Avalanche, and the asset doesn’t have much use on ETH Mainnet. It is too soon to list it on Aave.

Proposal: [TEMP CHECK] Financial Services Proposal: karpatkey & TokenLogic
Vote: Abstain
Reasoning: We are a co-author of this proposal and have abstained from casting a vote.

Proposal: [ARFC] Upgrade Safety Module with StkGHO
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: Having GHO as an asset in the Safety Module is a natural move. It adds extra utility for the token and shows Aave DAO’s commitment to the asset. We assume that the 9M cap proposed takes into account that new minting will resume after the peg is restored, as it is too large for the current 34M market cap. For that reason, we echo the requests for close monitoring.

Proposal: Freeze price feeds on v3 Harmony following shutdown of Harmony services by Chainlink
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We support this proposal. As the Chainlink oracle service will be deprecated, this is a reasonable solution that was successfully implemented on other assets.

Proposal: [ARFC] Gauntlet <> Aave Renewal 2023
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: Having two risk management service providers is an approach that we believe is valuable and would like to see continued forward. We recognize Gauntlet’s contributions since 2021 and support this renewal and roadmap.

Proposal: [ARFC] - Chaos Labs RF and IR Updates - Aave V2 Ethereum - 2023.11.24
Vote: Aggressive
Reasoning: We support the Aggressive option in this proposal as it removes all incentives from lenders to keep their assets on these v2 pools by upgrading the reserve factor to 99.9% while adding pressure on the borrowers to repay their loans by raising the base interest rate.

Proposal: Allow Emergency Admin to freeze on Aave V2
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We support this proposal to mirror on Aave v2 the same configurations that emergencyAdmin role has on v3: to freeze reserves on Aave V2 pools - including Aave V2 AMM, Aave V2 Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Proposal: Aave Funding Updates
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: The reasoning remains the same of the ARFC phase

Proposal: GHO_Incident_Report
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: The reasoning remains the same of the ARFC phase