Block Explorer Social Feed for Aave

Hi there,

As an FYI, I was redirected here from the Discord #ecosystems channel and wasn’t sure if this was the best category. Please let me know if there is a better place for this thread.

My team and I are working on a project where we want to revamp what a block explorer is by incorporating real-time on-chain data into a super human readable social feed. We’re doing some research now to validate this concept and I’ve included a screenshot of what the MVP would look like.

Our hypothesis is that DAOs would find this useful to see what is going on within their own protocol while incorporating community engagement. So instead of the generalized information in the screenshot, please imagine what it would look like if it were Aave specific transactions instead.

In the future, we plan on building out more accessible/visual details to show what is happening on-chain instead of having to rely on Etherscan or highly technical analytic tools so anyone can understand what is going on.

My ask is to see who would be the right folks to talk to so I can understand what the Aave community wants. Would it be the folks in the Grants DAO?