Cannot connect Metamask?

I’ve logged into my metamask wallet using the metamask app but when I try to connect to it in the AAVE dapp, it reads “no browser wallet detected.” Any idea why I cannot connect my metamask wallet?

i am pretty sure you might be having an issue that could be related to being online connected of course, then i go to and after inputting contract address in search , enter for the same address to reveal details of the block it was on. Tx list is pulled up. in the middle of page less than halfway down look for the 3 dot menu at top right of where creators address is , press it and the following button labeled connect to web 3 wallet, make sure the wallet is a web 3 type, and if you have a legit address,and you do, it shud connect with no problem. I hope this solves the block to progress onward. Good luck!