Cannot connect to the wallet

After launching App trying to connect my wallet but the buttons dont work. click on connect wallet and nothing happens. anything else after launching app doesnt work neither. doesnt show markets or let me use setting options. just nothing happens. please help

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Hi. Did you manage to resolve this? I am experiencing the same problem. Using Chrome as the browser.

I had the same problem. I found Aave Classic worked fine.

AAVE classic, Defisaver and anything other than using ispf will do the work. remember its a smart contract, if user API is down (the then you can still use anything else hence the smart contract is going to keep working as long as Ethereum lives.
AND if you guys have anything on AAVE or Ethereum in general you will receive the same amounts on the fork of ethereum. it is a state ready fork (meaning all coins on eth will be working on the other chain). If you feel like it, follow me on Twitter and i keep you guys posted @GodPulsechain .
god speed to all of you

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