Change the Stablecoin Name from $GHO to $USA

That’s it, that’s the proposal.

is USA a funny acronym or just the united states?

While I’m not willing to die on the GHO-name hill, this alternative name proposal doesn’t hype me that much.

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What about?:

  • ASD (Aave Stable Dollar)
  • ASC (Aave Stable Coin)
  • AST (Aave Stable Token)
  • AUSD (Aave USD)
  • AD (Aave Dollar)
  • AS (Aave Stable) or SA (Stable Aave)

I like ASD & ASC a lot


a good name is something familiar with many definitions and meme value.
USDT (tether)
USDC (coin or circle)
UST (Terra)
USA(aave and has meme value united state)

I bet if you say USA to some new guy it’ll spark a conversation and he’ll understand it’s a stablecoin better than GHO

IMO, to achieve wide adoption for the aave stablecoin around the world., especially in emerging market like Africa, or SEA, it is better to explicit inlcude USD in the name, such as USDA or AUSD are all good. People get understand this is a dollar stablecoin just by looking at the name.


Why not stick to GHO? The Aave Ghost is the logo of Aave and GHO could be the stable coin fueling this ecosystem of Aave the lending market and Lens the social media protocol.
Also if there are thousands of token being called ASC, ASD, USD, SUSD, UST and so on. How do you want to differ from these? How do you want to to stand out from all of these?

The ghost is something that is there, but also isn’t. Its working in the background, offering you stable services for an epic ecosystem.



excited for $GHO → $GHOst use case


I agree, I love GHO!
I was just trolling! :v:
LFGHO! :ghost: