Chaos Labs - Monthly Community Update

March 2023


This update highlights the past month’s activities and proposals and shares our planned work.


  • USDC depeg - following the USDC depeg, the Chaos team started a “war room” to monitor and analyze the markets while providing community recommendations to mitigate risk. The summary of events can be found in our blog post.
    • We published our evaluation of the stablecoin e-Mode category. In this analysis, we examined several alternatives to mitigating future shortfalls due to stablecoin depegs while examining their impact on risk and protocol reward.
  • GHO
    • Provided our analysis and recommendations for the GHO genesis parameters, including bucket capacity, borrowing rates, and target DEX liquidity figures.
    • Launched the GHO Risk Monitoring Dashboard. This new dashboard, currently supporting the Goerli test net version of GHO, provides real-time monitoring of the stablecoin and allows users and developers to dive deep into GHO data and usage. For more details and product run-through, please read our dedicated blog post.

What’s Next

In the coming month, the Chaos team will focus on the following few areas: