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Delegate Address: 0xkeyrock.eth (0x1855f41B8A86e701E33199DE7C25d3e3830698ba)
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Twitter: @KeyrockTrading @soutos_eth
Discord: Thanasis | Keyrock#5443

We are excited to start our journey into governance and DAO’s through the on-chain governance of Aave!

The importance of credit liquidity in DeFi cannot be understated and as Aave is a best-in-class credit solution, we will be actively participating in discussions and proposals. We want to support the best possible future for Aave as a protocol and as community.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that on-chain liquidity is essential, and as liquidity providers ourselves, we want to engage by being active protocol participants. Our true belief in transparency, trust, and on-chain governance are some of the reasons why we want Aave and other DeFi protocols to succeed. It is time digital assets are widely embraced and we can improve DeFi liquidity together. We strongly see a future where centralised and decentralised venues share more of an equal market share.

Delegate Statement

We believe decentralised governance has the potential to bring out the best of protocol stakeholders in order to scale and grow DeFi. First of all, we would like to emphasise that having governance participants from different backgrounds is crucial and we really like the efforts launched recently by Butter @noturhandle. Governance participation is still at it’s early steps. If we zoom out, the governance forum is usually populated by the same 10-15 entities/service providers/delegates. That’s not good enough (albeit great work being done by everyone till now).

One of our focus areas will be to support and discover together within the DAO ways to activate more participation from all stakeholders.

Additionally, we can’t emphasise enough that in order to scale DeFi - a multi-chain and multi-asset approach is essential. As discussed in Delegate Code of Conduct, Aave should remain Ethereum first but always have an open mind regarding cross-chain expansions. This drives liquidity, protocol & revenue growth while inherently helping the chain that Aave is deployed.

GHO launch: A very exciting development and we’re looking forward to mainnet launch as well as exploring opportunities to boost adoption and growth of GHO v3 pools!

Overall, we are very excited to be participating in Aave governanve and we will always vote on the best interest of the protocol for sustainability, revenue growth and adoption. Our experience in trading, market-making, credit markets and risk management by being a delta-neutral market-maker entity can offer a unique perspective and value into a protocol such as Aave.

About Us

Keyrock is a technology-driven digital asset market maker active on 85+ trading venues worldwide. With their proprietary algorithmic technologies, Keyrock provides scalable, adaptable liquidity solutions for marketplaces and asset issuers. Keyrock’s aim is to increase the liquidity of financial assets, to make markets accessible and more efficient for all participants.

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15/05/23 - 21/05/23

{ARFC} Consolidate Collector Contract & Secure Service Provider Runway

Reason: Operational update to move & swap some funds/protocol fees to ensure the runway for service provider payments is there for the next few months.

Voted YAE

{ARFC} Add LUSD Arbitrum v3

Reason: Listing of LUSD in Arbitrum V3 with collateral disabled and borrowing enabled. We support the expansion of assets in Arbitrum V3.

Voted YAE

{ARFC} Add rETH to Aave V3 Arbitrum LP

Reason: Listing of rETH in Arb V3 which will enable more yielding strategies on Arbitrum and bring more lending/borrowing especially with the upcoming rETH/bb-a-wETH pool incentives. We support this listing.

Voted YAE

{TEMP CHECK} Add support for RPL on Ethereum v3

Reason: RPL listing on ETH v3. The token has sufficient liquidity to be onboarded into ETH V3 markets. We support this listing.

Voted YAE

{TEMP CHECK} Add support for fUSDC on Ethereum v3 Pool

Reason: fUSDC listing for ETH v3 which brings a yield-bearing USDC stable that is mainly collateralised by Blackrock’s SHV ETF accruing yield. We support the listing of tokenised RWA backed by established stablecoins.

Voted YAE

{ARFC} Activate emode for rETH Aave Ethereum V3 Pool

Reason: E-mode activation for rETH as this improves borrowing/lending efficiencies with low ricks considering LSDs becoming safe day by day. We support this.

Voted YAE

{ARFC} BUSD Offboarding Plan Part II

Reason: As BUSD is being slowly phased-out, this Part 2 of an off-boarding plan to slowly remove & de-incentivise BUSD credit moves has our support.

Voted YAE

{ARFC} Migrate Holdings from v2 to v3 and acquire wstETH and rETH

Reason: After the migration of DAO treasury holdings to V3, a conversion to wstETH & rETH for some yield accrual to optimise DAO holdings.

Voted YAE

{ARFC} Acquire BB-A-USD and deposit 50% into both Balancer and Aura Finance

Reason: Continuation of the DAO’s treasury management diversification by depositing into Balancer & Aura.

Voted YAE

{ARFC} Add ENS to Aave V3 Ethereum

Reason: ENS listing to Aave V3 ETH markets. We’re in support of this listing.

Voted YAE

{ARFC} Add 1INCH to Aave V3 Ethereum

Reason: 1INCH listing for V3 ETH markets. We’re in support of this listing.

Voted YAE

{TEMP CHECK} Add ARB to Arbitrum Aave v3

Reason: ARB listing on Arbitrum V3 markets. We’re in support of this listing

Voted YAE

{AIP} Risk Parameter Updates for Ethereum v3 (05/09/2023)

Reason: We support the parameter updates outlined.

Voted YAE

{AIP} Aave V3 Interest Rate Curve Changes (4/27)

Reason: We support the IR curve changes.

Voted YAE

{AIP} AGD Approval

Reason: An operational AIP regarding the aUSDT allowance for the AGD.

Voted YAE

{AIP} MaticX Supply Cap Increase Polygon v3

Reason: We’re in support of this Supply Cap increase for Polygon V3 as the demand is clear.

Voted YAE