Cost to transact

Hi all,

I’ve staked some coins and noticed that the cost to have transactions with the smart contract are fairly expensive.

Is this a product of the ERC20 design and there’s nothing to be done?

Or is there a potential growth area to reduce to cost to interact?

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unfortunately the gas costs to interact with the ethereum blockchain are high. It’s a situation that has been going on for some months already and it’s due to the increased demand in defi protocols and services. Some of the solutions that the community and the aave genesis team is exploring involve layer 2 solutions and further optimizing the code (this works up to a certain point anyway).
For now i would recommend you follow the gas costs on ethereum by using websites like and wait for moments of lower usage to submit the transactions, or submit the transactions with lower gas prices that will reduce the final transaction cost (you will need to wait more anyway).

One thing Aave could do is provide periodic batched deposits, like Idle does:


Batched deposits would be great, we could also time them to hit whenever gas is <100 or there’s $Xk waiting to move or something like that.

I have also lost AAVE in a transfer, I have traced every part of the transaction, it was sent from my Gemini trading account and requested to convert into Ethereum in my Etoro Wallet.
To do this Gemini request an address to send it to, so I logged into my Etoro wallet and clicked on Ethereum to request a deposit, Etoro then produced a QR code and my wallet address which i simply clicked to copy, back to Gemini, pasted the Etoro code and confirmed.
All the Hash and Transactions back this up…however in never reached my wallet and has taken 8 days of intense investigation to find out that is back in the main AAVE account.

This appears to be an ongoing situation, but I have all the proof that the coins are not being stolen by Hackers they are simply not being delivered through the blockchain…the transactions appear to be untraceable, but they are!
Very dubious

This appears to be a premeditated fraud by AAVE themselves. However, with the sender, in this case Gemini being listed on the transaction and the destination wallet address being mine registered with Etoro, in addition the block chain records confirming both and the conversion to Ethereum, we should assume that the compliance bodies will investigate the sender and the receiving bodies.

This is not a hacker it is AAVE, stop posting your problems on their site and ring the national press