Delegation Introduction: Lucas Vogelsang (lucasvo.eth)

gm frens,

I’m Lucas Vogelsang, Cofounder of Centrifuge. Some of you may know me from our work together in the RWA Market, but for others, I wanted to introduce myself to the Aave community and express my interest in becoming a delegate in Aave Governance.

I’ve been working in tech startups for 15 years and for the last 5 years have been working in crypto, mainly in the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems. My interest has always been around how we can use crypto to build better financial products for everybody.

I’m committed to building out this vision of DeFi and have been involved in MakerDAO governance for many years. I’m excited about the work that the Aave community does and I believe that we can continue to grow the vision of decentralized finance together.

As an Aave delegate and community member, I believe that these should be the main points of focus for us moving forward:

  • Ensure the security of the protocol: risk management is the most important aspect of any DeFi protocol
  • Drive innovation, experiments and bring a startup mindset to the DAO
  • Focus on an open and accessible DeFi ecosystem that encourages interoperability: because WAGMI by building a better alternative to Wall St

I’m looking forward to working with you all on these topics and am happy to answer any questions below.

Thank you for your trust. If you would like to delegate, you can find my profile here: lucasvo.eth on sybil


I have been personally working with @lucasvo for the past years. @lucasvo is an innovator in the field of bringing RWAs into DeFi through Centrifuge and active community member across DeFi with emphasis on economical fundamentals, security and risk management.

Welcome @lucasvo super excited to see you as a delegate within the Aave community. :ghost:


Hey @lucasvo - would love to have you on a future community call to introduce your platform for anyone listening who may be interested in delegating. The next one is scheduled for July 27 at 2:00pm UTC or the one after that will be end of August. lmk!

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hey @0xbilll I’d love to join a call but I am not able to make the call tomorrow. Is the date already set for end of August?

I actually might be able to join at 2:15pm UTC!

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Hi Lucas - great to have you here. One question I have always had around Centrifuge: why did you choose to use a PolkaDOT parachain for your architecture? If the intention is to ultimately integrate your tokenized real world assets on Aave on Ethereum, wouldn’t it make more sense both from a security and usability perspective to have those tokenized assets live within Ethereum? Alternatively, if you for whatever reason need a dedicated chain for your app, why haven’t you chosen Avalanche’s P-Chain? At least there you’d keep EVM compatibility with CFG tokens.

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hey thanks for your reply, trying to keep my personal work within Centrifuge out of this thread as much as possible, as this is about my role as a delegate in Aave. I will briefly say though, there are a lot of reasons for why dedicated infrastructure on the origination side makes sense but our intention always has been to pursue an aggressive multichain strategy: ultimately liquidity will come from wherever it’s available. Substrate has actually quite a few neat features specifically around lower level more optimized crypto that we are free to chose and implement in WASM as opposed to being limited by the EVM.

Both and how Maker mints DAI for Centrifuge RWAs is on Ethereum today and will continue to be so.