Do we like Aavenomics?

aavenonics seems like a really good proposal to push the protocol forward.

I am very new to AIPs,

Is there any timeline that we are looking at?
for example:

  1. genesis government voting?
  2. Token swap from LEND to AAVE?

At this moment in term of roadmap, i can see that we are in the middle of genesis governance. What is the next thing that we are doing progressively? is that the genesis govt voting? or is there something before that?

Thanks guys

The value of lend in circulation will be the same as in Aave and will have about a 23 percent increase in total market cap, or in other words the fully diluted market cap will be higher due to the inflation from moving to Aave. As a side note you are correct the burned lend wont be brought back in direct circulation but is it possible that it will be add to the inflation and set aside as part of the governance pool?

Thanks for clarifying @defidude.

what do you think that instead of minting 3 million in advance, … vote minting as needed per project to growth the protocol ? I think that Dash were doing something similar.

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I very much agree. I feel I am taking a huge risk by staking. So a bigger piece of the reward should go to risk takers. We are like free holders. idle token holders who actively HODL and do not add to the ecosystem could be considered free riders compared to free loaders. Not sure if that makes sense.

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