Donation from the Aave protocol treasury to support people in Ukraine

One of the ethos of decentralisation has always been and is making the world a better place. In the case of decentralised finance, lowering the barrier of accessing capital around the world in permissionless way.
At the same time, communities like ours are trying to build what we believe are fair democratic systems, with really strong values behind them.

The ideals are not only important, but the center of everything.

I think it is clear for everybody that Aave is one of the leaders in the decentralised world, and as such a leader, it is on moments like this where democratic values are getting attacked that acting is a must.

Subjected to having a legitimate recipient channel, I propose to the Aave governance to donate 1’000’000 USD in stablecoins and 1’000’000 USD in AAVE to support the Ukrainian people suffering in these hard times.



inspiring - can’t wait to vote in favour. I’d clarify the text. this is 1m USD in USDC and 1m USD in Aave right?


Correct, clarified on the description

strongly in favor.

legitimate channels appear to have been posted here, and verified by numerous sources.


AAVE protocol should be neutral.
God bless all.
I vote no.


I’m sad for the Ukranian people, but I’m very unsure of the practicality of donating AAVE. What in the world are people unfamiliar with AAVE supposed to do with that token? Unless… you want them to sell it?

Also, I’m generally pretty skeptical of using governance resources for charity especially in the time of a political crisis. Not only does it damage the neutrality of the organization, but it also never seems to end well years down the road.

This really isn’t the place to help solve these kinds of issues I think. Connect with your family and friends if they need help. But IMO we should keep governance out of this.


The Aave Protocol is neutral but governed by humans. Those humans don’t have to be neutral. Imo this is a good use of the treasury.

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I encourage you to express your political activism using a different vehicle.

I think the treasury of a non-custodial, permissionless borrowing and lending platform is a poor choice.


This proposal is not guided by political activism, but by humanitarianism pursuing helping people clearly suffering at the moment.
As a community of humans and machines participating in different parts of the ecosystem, we should at least be open to these discussions, the same as other collectives are.

I am open to the discussion.

My views are that donating to any political cause (humanitarian intent aside), endangers the neutrality of the platform.

I think all contributors to the platform and project (stake holders, devs, partners) should contribute to whatever causes they choose (popular or otherwise).

But the platform should remain neutral.


I think Aave should stay apolitical and focused on delivering the best utility posible to all. Be stable, be trustworthy be open to everyone. What Russia has done is horrible and everyone should ask themselves how they can personally help. I’ve donated myself and encourage others to to do so on a personal level. I vote no.

Personally, I’m proud of being part of a community where these debates are raised, besides any outcome.
At least from my perspective, it feels pretty unnatural to just ignore what is happening, under the flag of reducing Aave to just a bunch of smart contracts. So on that, I need to agree with the OP.
That being said, the magic of decentralized governance and DAOs is that this is easily solvable with voting. So I support at least giving the OP delegation to create a Snapshot vote.


I, too, am proud to take part in these debates and am not attached to the outcome.

We don’t need to ignore what’s happening.
We are addressing it now.
We are raising awareness of the cause now.

We might just disagree about the next steps.

I think supporters should put their skin into the cause and leave the public treasury out of it.
Others feel otherwise.

Let’s find out majority coinvote.


And how can you be sure this 1’000’000 will help Ukrainians? Will the funds be send to the Ukrainian government to buy weapons or to and NGO to provide food to poor peoples?

As commented by @oneski22, the Ukrainian government has confirmed on Twitter a donation address and its ownership.
Could be interesting to see more alternatives, but at the moment that seems like the most reasonable choice, with thousands of donors already and close to 4m USD donated.

I support this proposal to donate USD or AAVE from Aave treasury to Ukraine. Any help is welcome and might also bring more awareness to other DAOs to encourage them to donate for this humanitarian cause.

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The ghastly images of war is definitely heartbreaking, and deepest sympathies and regards to the people caught in the middle of the war, waged by petty politicians with their agendas. But sending Ukranian Government the money to buy arms and ammunition and rocket launchers is not what a community should do. I trust in the logic of people in this community, and appeal to donate to humanitarian aide organisations that will spend the money on the refugees and medical care of the people arising from this crisis.

A Snapshot proposal is created, opened to vote in approximately 20 minutes, and to last 1 day. Initially to decide if Yes/No and which recipient is accepted if Yes.
The options have been modified given the direction of the debate in this forum.

Please vote here

Just voted no

  1. please respect that votes should take place at least 5 days after the opening of a governance thread.
    Ukraine not going anywhere this rule is meant to especially cool heads down and not have hasty decisions taken influenced by emotions

  2. the protocol treasury is not meant for this, Aave is still in infancy, during the growth phase, it’s a race to achieve enough treasury critical mass to achieve long term protocol sustainability because the Ecosystem reserve is not infinite.

  3. Ukraine is known as the “most corrupt country in eastern Europe”, think twice before sending millions in the fog. you have zero guarantee money will go in the right pockets.

  4. you’re welcome to spend your own $$ to support whatever you feel just, thx leaving the treasury alone.

Have a nice day.


Glad for your participation.

  1. It is justifiable that a situation like this deserves creating a vote whenever considered necessary. Those 5 days seem also arbitrary for a temperature check.
  2. Aave has enough growth month-by-month to be able to absorb the suggested donation. However, it is open to discussion if the amount should be lower.
  3. One of the options is to donate to NGO/s, and with almost any donation there is some uncertainty. The argument even if respectable, sounds biased.
  4. Personal donations are not the reason why this discussion and vote were opened.
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