Esports startup looking to partner,invite and collaborate with AAVE

Hi, I’m Bilal Khan from Vrtuhub.

I’ve been working on an eSports startup to introduce and convince crypto projects to give eSports a chance. Crypto Communities are large, diverse and passionate about their tokens and I believe eSports is a perfect fit for them. Our website is

eSports is a highly competitive form of video games that is skill based. It often takes the form of organised competitions between players, individually or teams it is usually broadcasted or live streamed. Large brands like Redbull, Shopify, Mastercard and Pepsi are all involved in esports as it is viewed as a huge marketing tool for reaching the millions of views these events receive on youtube/twitch with high user engagement. Crypto projects have ignored this as they don’t understand it or see how it’s related to crypto. This will change that!

This is an exciting opportunity for collaboration between Vrtuhub, an emerging crypto centric eSports startup. I am building a global eSports hub for crypto projects, where gamers, users and influencers create professional eSport profiles (LinkedIn for esports), projects create community backed esport teams and event organisers may create sponsored or white label virtual/inperson events (Airbnb for esports). We join it all up and streamline the whole process and make it easier for projects to get into esports and grow with us.

There is a massive and untapped opportunity for all the projects that get onboard to leverage each other’s marketing, every project onboard increases the hype, excitement, engagement and viewers.

I have come this far all on my own without any ICO, investment or fundraising. Vrtuhub is currently in the pre-revenue stage, poised on the brink of a groundbreaking venture in the esports industry. Our website offers user authentication and profiles, blog posting, and team profile features with more being added. We want to make it as easy as possible for teams to get onboard, create an esports team and start playing and watching. As we grow there are plans to expand deep in web3 and bridge everything together.

What do I want from AAVE?

I would also like AAVE to consider creating an esports team page on our website This will allow your community members to join your team and take part in our upcoming tournaments and will become a great marketing platform, allowing you to reach these mainstream gamers, engage with users and audience alike. Creating a eSports team page is a excellent way to see if your community is interested without any costs and very little effort (you create a eSports profile page with us)

Additionally, we could create a AAVE Tournament, such as AAVE Rocket League Mini series where AAVE could invite its community to compete against each other, or invite other Crypto Projects to compete against each other in your titled tournament. The Projects will buy into the tournament, they could purchase AAVE tokens to pay the entry fee and we will have a large (and sustainable) prize pool up for grabs. We will broadcast the event with commentary so everyone can see the action.

If this is something you’re interested, please let me know as I will be thrilled to discuss this further with you.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kindest regards

Bilal Khan

i pushed the thread into “other” as this is no governance ARFC.

Overall i don’t see any fit for Aave in terms of a collaboration. These are two completely different topics (DeFi & Gaming). And especially with your recommendation i don’t see any value being created for Aave nor for vrtuhub.

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Thank you for keeping it on, I was not sure where to categories it.

eSports is a huge low cost marketing platform, as it brings in a large audience on video platforms such as Youtube and Twitch. Some of these videos easily gather over a million views and the people that watch them are very interactive and engaged with the teams making it a very cost effective way to reach new users and build brand awareness. You could ignore it but, do you not want to reach out to these millions of viewers and gamer out there to know about you?

The eSports market is valued at a staggering $1.72 billion in 2023 and it is only growing, I believe it is one of those things that will eventually gain momentum in crypto so I’m working to convince projects to give eSports a chance and join me, even if you don’t understand it or see the point in it :slight_smile:

Hello again,

eSports is everything but low cost marketing. I am member in another eSports DAO & discord mod called Xborg (since Feb. 22). And i can definitely say its not cheap at all. We have partnered with BDS and some other top teams are following soon and it wasn’t cheap at all. Also you cannot guarantee that any video getting millions of views is giving Aave somehow benefit. Like i said i still don’t see whats the benefit for the Aave DAO. If you still think its worth it, then please show me strong arguments for a potential collaboration between you and the DAO.
Also what would you expect from the DAO to help you? Is it just the known brand or is it for liquidity purposes?

Hi, absolutely and as you have experience here I would love to hear your thoughts on this, on how I’m doing it!

I am not asking you to sponsor an existing team, I am asking your community to create a community driven esports team. You invite your vast community members to apply for the different games and genres out there. CSGO, SIM racing, League of Legends etc. This cost nothing.

There are a handful of projects out there already that have a gaming lounge on discord and they do a games night with their community members (with little to no marketing), these people play for free. They might play some fall guy and 20 people join. This cost them nothing but time, the ones organising these community gaming nights enjoy doing it and just want to play and interact with their community. They may stream it, it’s something they enjoy.

Now let’s expand this, AAVE wants to play some fall guy, but instead of only inviting its own community to join you open up and say ‘hey Venus, Chainlink and others’ come bring your community here and lets play against each other. This will also cost nothing but time. As we start playing against each other teams will form and the most skillful players will stand out. The community that does well will stand out and everyone competing will be in a position to leverage each other’s communities and audience. Now we have a community driven eSports team for AAVE, and those other projects. Welcome AAVE: eliminators - community backed eSports team. Now you’ve entered the realm of eSports and you could capture and wow this audience.

This is something we facilitate for free, bringing projects together to create game nights and play against themselves, other projects and their players.

Let’s make this more exciting. AAVE is the title sponsor for another esports tournament. This event will be broadcasted with commentary. This will be a virtual tournament (so no need for an expensive venue, licences) etc. We hire a commentator or two, a live stream director and make use of the ‘spectator’ mode many esport titles have. We can now freely switch between camera feeds/players and have our commentators shout out the action and mayhem. Something like this would cost AAVE $1500 for a 1, 2 maybe 3 hour gaming session, this will cover expenses. Those not playing can view the broadcast on youtube/twitch (potential to stream on metaverses too) and cheer their team/community on. These events are skill based, not AI controlled and allows the players competing to build up their influence and status. We could expect the projects involved in this series to tweet about or share the broadcast link on telegram/discord, go watch and support us etc.

We call it the AAVE LOL Series. Other projects may enter their team/community into the tournament by paying a $1000 entry fee paid in AAVE (could be bigger or smaller). Now we are creating a prizefund. We take a cut to cover additional expenses which will need to be paid in a stablecoin (roughly 30%) as this is a business. The remaining 70% goes towards the prizefund. If 15 projects want to compete, that’s a $10,000 AAVE prize pool, sustainably funded by teams acquiring AAVE from the open market - cost for each team is minimum. The team that wins or performs well, keeps the prize money. Now, there’s a prize money, gamers and professionals hear about it and want to claim that, so they apply to play and represent AAVE and those other teams. This is getting exciting now. Some of these gamers that apply might have existing followers, or are really just good, deserve this opportunity to represent AAVE and win. Some projects might wish to throw money in and hire professionals, because they really want to win. This is good for everyone as there is more hype now.

aside from the broadcasts and live streams, with all the footage we collect, we create highlight clips and best moments, upload that onto youtube, its more content for people to watch and more brand awareness for you. This is a sporting event so we expect social media to play a big role here.

Through this, you could earn respect from gamers and build this community esports team and maybe one day enter into those larger (more expensive) esport tournaments you’re referring too.

We will embark on this journey and grow together. As for why others are not doing it like this. Well I’ve had a tough time getting this all together, but what I’ve learnt is. If you have a large team and a bunch of executives that want to attend meetings etc they want a very profitable business and something like this is deemed too small for them, the business has too many shareholders and a model like this is not worth their time. To make it worth their time they make it expensive and aim for the very top and with huge ambitions. I am talking from experience here but that’s a story for another day. This does not need to be expensive, its playing gaming but others are making it expensive.

With Vrtuhub, it’s just me doing something I’m very passionate about and totally believe in. Lets get every Crypto project to create its very own eSports team, its community driven so the community can take charge of this, because these gamers are everywhere. I am keeping costs down to a minimum not just for myself but for everyone involved. I want to do this, I’m now reaching out to projects hear me and give this a chance. Not having these big investors and backers makes it hard, but it means i can do it cheap and make it just as good and I’m aiming for the best here. I got banned and called a scammer by some other project that seemed interested but instant ban after I told them my name was Bilal Khan. Not sure what that was about, forget them but your community could love this and there’s very little to lose if this doesn’t work out.

Having AAVE onboard will be a big boost for me too, one of the things that comes up is nobody is doing this, what is esports & what’s the point etc. I’ve had some team members also like it but project managers say no, some projects want to copy the trend and are not interested in learning about something no one is doing. Getting an initial team together will build my credibility, doing a debut event will show them there is a demand for this in Crypto, they just don’t know it yet. I fully expect others will want to get involved once this has started. It would be huge accelerator for me if AAVE joins me.

Thank you for your time so far, I welcome your thoughts and opinion :slight_smile:

If I understand this correctly it’s something about just the community organizing themselves instead of the DAO taking action. Am I right?

For the most part, yes! AAVE creates a team page and invites its community to go join Team AAVE. Vrtuhub is a platform for organising gaming events and brings communities together. “Apex Legends gaming night tomorrow at 7, up to 100 players. Come and Join us.” Your community will have fun playing with each other, against each other or we have other projects playing against you. Its exciting, competitive and skill based and the ones playing could independently live stream it. This is all free, our platform helps you manage, organise and connect with gamers.

Some events may have a prize fund, commentary & broadcasting. Those are sustainably funded by the title sponsors and the projects that wish to enter pay a entrance fee. Having multiple projects taking part in these events spreads the cost and keeps it individual cost down to a minimum. This is optional. AAVE does not have to get involved with them if it does not want too.

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