ETHW Action plan

In the event of a (very likely) fork after Ethereum goes PoS, ETHW has a large probability of retaining some value.

That being said, centralized exchanges that take WBTC, USDC, and all other tokens on the Ethereum chain will only support the PoS Ethereum chain’s tokens. This would essentially send them plummeting to zero on the PoW side.

Is there an action plan for Aave PoW Ethereum once this occurs? If all other assets drop to zero, any ETH loans using USDC as collateral would get liquidated- and all USDC loans collateralized with ETH would be essentially forgiven.

I understand there is a vote out for pausing borrowing ETH right around the fork for risk mitigation on the PoS side but can there be anything done for the 571 thousand ETH that’s already borrowed on the PoW side to prevent it from being liquidated or locked up permanently?