Final submission of Alternative UI for Aave

GM folks,

Hope everyone is having a gala time in Christmas and preparing for New Year with a force. One of the best things that happened to us this year was that we got an opportunity to contribute to Aave by building an alternative UI to onboard non-defi folks. It has been an absolute privilege to work on this project. We will continue to work with Aave to ensure we do everything in our capacity to make this space accessible to anyone on the planet.

I am happy to share that we have wrapped up the building and putting below the link to the alternative UI by DaoLens

I urge everyone to please try using it and your feedback will be valuable. I will also be sharing how we are going about its adoption in the first week of January.

Once again a big thanks to the Aave community and everyone who were part of the journey with us in any capacity for their love, support and motivation.



Congrats Sejal and Daolens team! Great to see this executed and hope to see it gain wider adoption.

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Hey I just tried this and for me it’s completely unusable. Some texts/buttons etc are invisible.

I think the UI respects color preference so it’s in dark mode for me which might be the cause - didn’t figure out how to change it though.

If it would work - how does this compare to aave/interface? Is this a fork or development from scratch? Seems like some texts are different but e.g. wallet connection seems to be 100% the same (at least design wise).


Sorry to say this, I agree with @sakulstra. I tried the app flow and some components seem to be broken. The borrow - transaction modal has been in loading state for a while, and the UI is broken : (

Maybe not adding an overflow to the card container can fix it. The vibe and overall design seems pretty nice, I like it’s mobile first, but some components are not working or have issues. For example, the profile/network modal on mobile:

You can see that the network name in the dropdown disappears along with the navigation items.

NOTE: I cannot view my staking position

We can help if you have the codebase open sourced : )


Hello, I’ve been testing the application as @sakulstra and
@D3Portillo and I agree with their opinion.

Also in the supply and borrow inputs you can enter negative numbers, and the scroll is active in both, which can cause problems to users who move it if they want to.

It could be easily solved by assigning the value 0 in case it is lower than this.

For the scrooll, blocking the “mousewheel” event in the inputs of the page would also be solved, besides it would prevent future problems if more inputs of type number are added.

In my opinion when the supply dropdown appears with the tokens we want to leave, it should appear only those available in our wallet or have the possibility to show only these if we want.

I can help if the code is open source.


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Hey, @sakulstra thank you so much for taking out time to test this and providing your feedback. We are working on it. I will share it as soon as it’s done.

As per your question, No it is not a fork from the current interface. We have used the code of some of the modules such as for the wallet connect modal.

Thank you so much @ukhezo for your time and feedback- we are working on it and will disable the negative value thing. Will be sharing the final link shortly. The code is open-sourced. For your reference

Hey, @D3Portillo thank you so much for your kind words and feedback. Really appreciate you offering help. Working on it. Will be sharing the final link shortly.

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Hi folks,

After all the feedback and suggestions - sharing with you all the final link for the interface. Would love to know thoughts.


Hi everyone, just putting it here. After all the feedback and comments, sharing the link once again here - request you to please have a look and let us know your thoughts/comments and suggestions.