[Proposal] Building a mobile app for Aave

Hello Aave community! We are 2001DeFi, a team of designers and developers.

We have submitted a proposal and would like to request an Aave grant to design and develop a mobile application (iOS and Android) in React Native for Aave protocol. We have been using Aave protocol and would love for Aave to have a decentralized app. So many mainstream users and crypto first-timers could enjoy using Aave on their phones.

After the app release and when Aave is available on L2, we plan to adopt L2 in the app accordingly. We would also like to put extra efforts to design and develop a decentralized architecture so the app could be potentially hosted on IPFS in future and after initial releases.

Here are the milestones for the project if our grant application is accepted:

Milestone 1: Designing a) Aave UX for mobile first experience and, b) decentralized app architecture
Milestone 2: Releasing the app: writing code for mobile app and backend interaction with protocol, and releasing the MVP app

We have already started designing the app and here are some initial designs we have envisioned for much needed Aave mobile app :ghost:

We are hoping to accomplish followings for the Aave community with this project:

  • Onboarding new users to Aave protocol
  • Ease of access to Aave from mobile
  • User growth for the protocol: more addresses & users interacting with protocol
  • Increasing Aave TVL

@2001DeFi is a stacked team of 5 with 2 designers and 3 engineers most with mobile or crypto experience. I don’t know the team or have any stake but having seen the full application provided to the Grants DAO I’d strongly encourage support from the community for this grant.


I would support this


This looks like a must for me.


This looks like great initiative, and I love how the interface looks already.

Now, putting my skeptical hat on; I can already access Aave through my mobile Metamask wallet. What advantages will there be to using this app as opposed to accessing Aave through Metamask mobile? Thanks!


Hey! I’m lead designer of the 2001 Defi team. Some advantages just to list a few:

  1. Sleeker UI, with better asset/loan tracking + charts
  2. Skinned governance UI for interacting with delegate actions and proposal voting in app
  3. Mainstream friendly UX with simpler inputs and market information
  4. Push notifications for new proposals, liquidation alerts, etc.
  5. no browser needed, faster actions and connection process in app
  6. (in future) ipfs hosting fully decentralized architecture, easy polygon and layer 2 wallet switching

As Aave Grants DAO lead, I strongly support a grant for @2001DeFi. The team is highly capable, they are committed to building and maintaining an Aave mobile app, and the initial designs are solid. An Aave mobile app built by Aave community members and open sourced on the Aave repo would be a huge win for Aave users. Given that the grant size is on the higher end ($98k) and a mobile app is an important item, I recommended that the team share their plans with the community. I think the grant requested is fair and would recommend that the team share periodic updates on progress in the governance forum.


Hello, i fully support this proposal. I think we are living in a mobile world there are apps for everyone and everything but Blockchain, Cryptospace and Dapps in general lack at the moment. Its like we are in the year 2008 and there are only desktop optimized websites but no one is buliding for mobile. This is strongly needed for adoption, usability and also comfort.
Also i am in favor of building an decentralized app hosted on IFPS to avoid offline server, website and so on. We dont need that, we need real DeFi in a really good mobile application.
Would love to participate in a beta (android).

good luck guys!


I don’t think 98k is high for the marketing this will give aave and improved user experience, considering we just got robbed 8m by gauntlet to tell us adjust 80% to 81%


I love this proposal. Defi is painfully behind on mobile interface front.

I have one concern.

With Google and Apple censoring apps from their app store would it be a better move to design a web app that could be hosted on IPFS, that way we wouldn’t be subjected to the whims of a regulator?

I think that would make us more the masters of our own fate.


Great proposal. I believe this will further help decentralize Aave.

@2001DeFi @Defidesign Just curious,

  1. Approx how many apps you have shipped before?

  2. Are you guys comfortable sharing any names of those apps that are currently live?

  3. And as per your initial estimates, what are the stuffs you think will require involvement of centralized companies? (Like Google Firebase for notifications etc.)

Thanks. Best wishes.


Yes I am in agreement with this.

It is definitely needed for the future. Would love to see Aavegotchi get on a mobile App also.

teenagers these days are stuck to the phones as are tech savy adults this would make things so much easier!

Kind regards,
the Ghost.

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Thank you very much Aave community for the amazing feedback. We’re overwhelmed by your love and support :heart:

We’re extremely excited to build Aave app and definitely planning to share the progress with the community on a regular basis. We’re building this app for everyone in the community, please help us to make this product the #1 best protocol mobile app ever.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you, please reach us on twitter at @2001eth


Hi @2001DeFi, your proposal has been well received and has my support.

If the grant application is approved, do you have a rough idea of timeframes for the two milestones mentioned?


Thanks Neal, although we’re a small team, we’re planning to finish two milestones in no longer than 6 months


Great idea, looking forward to accessing Aave from my mobile


Totally support this!

hello @2001DeFi this is a great initiative coming from the your team

this project especially as it supports our project on building the Aave eco system in West and Central Africa with an average of 3million new sign up over a period of 24months
AAVE West & Central Africa expansion
We hope to work in collaboration to ensure a seamless on-boarding of of Final year students in both state owned universities and privately owed universtities.

I would support this as well

Any update on the app?

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