From little things big things grow

(All figures U.S. Dollars)

Below is a clip (7 mins) showing the maestro @Stani Kulechov orchestrating loans on EthLend, Aave’s predecessor. It is worth a view if only for the CoinMarketCap leaderboard half-way through when prices were a fraction of what they are now and I’ve given the clip a home on the forum here as a reminder of how far Aave and Defi have come in a short space of time.

According to Defi Pulse, total value locked (TVL) in Defi has grown about 1,200% in the last twelve months to around $85 billion, yet this figure is still a fraction of the global financial services market, estimated to be $22 trillion by MakerDao’s recent calculations.

Defi’s current total TVL is just 0.39% of this figure, about a third of one percent.

However, if the same exponential growth rate is maintained for another twelve months, TVL in Defi would reach $1 trillion, making up over 4% of global financial servies market value, a number that would surely cause some serious disruption to traditional finance. Is it possible that we are only a year away?

What do community members think the total TVL in Defi will be in a year from now (just for a little speculative fun). I’m going for the third option which would be a fantastic result :

  • TVL reaches 125 billion (0.5% of global finance value)
  • TVL reaches 225 billion (1% of global finance value)
  • TVL reaches 450 billion (2% of global finance value)
  • TVL reaches 1 trillion (over 4% of global finance value)

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We can check back in a year from now and some of us may be pleasantly surprised.

GO Aave and GO Defi … :blush: