Introduction: Defi Simulator

Hello Aave community - I’m Caz, the developer of DeFi Simulator. I’m excited/grateful/humbled that the DAO has recently awarded a grant to fund new exciting features in DeFi Simulator. Thank you to the DAO and the community for this opportunity.


Defi Simulator is a fully functional, open source Aave debt simulator. It allows users to find an Aave position by pasting an ENS/address and then simulating changes to the borrowed / supplied assets and getting real time feedback on how those changes affect the user’s health factor and borrowing power. It allows adding and removing assets as well as manipulating asset quantity and USD price.


DeFi Simulator is a recently launched app, and I am myself new to the Aave ecosystem as a developer. As such, I do appreciate your patronage on social media to help spread awareness of the app and its capabilities. Please do consider a follow on the bird app for both myself and the DeFi Simulator project account. Thank you, I do appreciate it :slight_smile:

Also, if you’d like to talk more informally about the app, join me in the discord, I’m lonely in there.

The Grant

The goal for this project is to implement a set of internationalization features that will provide unparalleled insight into Aave positions for users accustomed to currencies other than USD and languages other than English. These new features will directly improve the Aave ecosystem by providing an unprecedented tool that:

  • Broadens the possible set of new users by easing the USD/English barrier with regards to understanding an Aave debt position.
  • Gives existing users that aren’t native to a USD/English perspective a more intuitive and deeper understanding of their debt position after possible user and market changes, improving protocol resilience.

The internationalization features include:

An updated “liquidation price” for single-collateral positions that updates in real time along with simulated changes to the position, displayed in the currency of choice by the user (e.g. USD, EUR, AUD, etc.).

The ability to select a default currency aside from USD that will be reflected in the app asset price (including input/slider), asset value, liquidation price, total borrowed, available to borrow, total reserve asset value, and net asset value.

The ability to select a default language aside from the default English that will be reflected throughout the app.

These features can be tracked as issues in the github repo here.

I’m excited to engage with the community here in the forum, and I will provide updates on the progress of the grant here in this thread. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback. Thank you!

Discord: DeFi Simulator
Github: GitHub - 0xCazador/defi-simulator


Update: DeFi Simulator now includes a “Price Liquidation Scenario.” This is a real-time updated example asset price scenario that could make the debt position subject to liquidation:


Give it a try and let me know what you think! DeFi Simulator

The github issue provides a bit more detail: Add single-reserve liquidation price · Issue #8 · 0xCazador/defi-simulator · GitHub

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Update: DeFi Simulator now supports multiple languages and fiat currencies!


Users can now select between different languages and currencies via a UI control in the app’s footer. Selecting a language will translate the contents of the app into the selected language. Selecting a currency will display all position information in terms of the selected currency and allow the user to edit asset prices in the selected currency.

For more details, please refer to the corresponding issues on the DeFi Simulator GitHub: Issues · 0xCazador/defi-simulator · GitHub

Any questions or feedback is appreciated.

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I consider the implementation for this grant proposal complete. I’m happy to receive questions/feedback for this work indefinitely here in this thread or in the discord. Thank you again to the Aave Grants DAO and the broader community for this opportunity. I hope to continue to grow DeFi Simulator into a premier tool in the Aave ecosystem.