Gasless Voting on Aave

The problem with snapshot (that i love btw, it’s an amazing tool) is that the token loses it’s intrinsic value. If you own AAVE with onchain governance, you own a piece of the aave protocol. With offchain voting the token only becomes a signaling token, but you can’t have any direct effect on the governance itself.

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Issue is, there will always be high demand on L1, thus smaller holders who would love to voice their opinions would be stuck with 2 options. The first being delegating their votes to a 3rd party, and the second being the user would need to suck it up and spend the gas to vote. With the first option while some people may decide that allowing a third party to voice their opinions is the way to go, there are many that disagree. And while you can revoke delegation privilege at any time, that too requires gas. A lot of people such as myself have never voted in a single proposal due to high gas fees and I’ve always wanted to vote. The only option that users such as myself have, are to be active within this forum until something is done about the voting mechanism which allows the little guy to maintain 100% rights to their vote. I believe there is a way to have a weight to offchain voting, and requiring an oracle that can keep track of the results and have a bot publish the results on chain.

I’m not sure I’d agree with you on that front. The token holders aren’t the ones committing a change to the code today when they vote on chain, they’re still trusting the devs to do their jobs. Whether we signal approval on Snapshot or on chain voting that’s still the case.

I recognize though there is some value in having votes recorded on chain. I’m just not sure it’s worth the fee. I’m likely missing some of the gravity of the decision though. Until then I’ll keep hoping that Aave will expand to a L2 we trust enough to allow voting/staking/reclaiming on

Oaky maybe another idea. I don’t know if this is possible and what about the gas fees. But I just wanted to write it down as long as I remember this :smiley:

Is it possible to create 2 smart contracts, one for yes and the other one for no. You can then delegate your power to either one of these and they will execute the voting in your favor. The gas fees for these voting will be taken from the protocol reserve or something like that.
In this case you would be able to vote but wouldn’t need to pay gas. Only if delegating your power would also be that expensive everytime. Maybe delegation could happen somehow though L2 and will be executed on L1?

Hopefully someone understands what I mean.

True, when you vote, you are still trusting the entity who submitted the proposal. But nothing stops you from collecting enough prop power to do a proposal yourself (not all changes require code - some configuration parameters can be changed without any coding) and/or hiring a team of developers to build something on your end, without relying on third parties. This is not possible with a snapshot + multisig setup. That might seem a subtle difference but in my opinion is huge. If you hold AAVE or you are a delegatee with enough power, you effectively own a piece of the aave ecosystem.


Why not just use Snapshot?

Check the replies above - snapshot doesn’t have a trustless and decentralized way of forwarding the proposals onchain. It changes the nature of the token to a mere signaling token

Why not voting at BInance Smart Chain, and grab the data there?

I think the only voting solution would be an ETH L2.

BSC is a separate chain, and one of the most centralized of the EVM compatible chains.